Art Storage
(Approved for use 1 September 2010)

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The general cataloging policies for the appropriate format are followed.    

Size - Not applicable


The following guidelines are used when marking volumes for Art Storage.

  1. Mark on Yale bookplate when there is one, generally in the upper left corner.
  2. Mark on verso of last page, lower right hand corner, when 1 or 2 don't apply. The lower left hand corner is the alternate location when the lower right hand corner is unusable.
  3. If the last page is unmarkable (e.g. too dark or shiny or filled with text or illustrations), mark the verso of the first usable page from the end.
  4. If there is no place to mark the call number, then mark the call number on the BLIP and it will be added when the item is housed.

There are two ways material is classed for Art Storage. 


852 8 0 ‡b beingen ‡h Art Storage ‡i 922
852 8 0 ‡b beingen ‡h Italian Festivals ‡i 3 ‡z shelved in Art Storage
852 8 0 ‡b beinwa ‡h Zc72 ‡i 893pi ‡z shelved in Art Storage see above

Subject, genre, and added tracings

Special instructions

Apply barcode if possible.  If it is not possible leave it on the BLIP.  If adding a new barcode use a blue flag.

Art Storage Database
A record in the Art Storage database is also created.  Ideally this should be done by the cataloger, but if necessary staff in Printed Acquisitions will create the record.  The database is an Inmagic database located on the j drive at j:\DBTEXT\PS\Artstore.tba.  Use the “silent” password.  Click on: Records, New Record. Enter the data in the following fields based on the bibliographic record:

CALLNO - Enter the appropriate call number.  If an item is to be classed in art storage, use the next sequential number.  It may be necessary to browse the list of existing call numbers to find the next one.

COLL - enter the appropriate curatorial unit

ARTIST:- Enter the 1XX if one exists.

TITLE -  Enter title as it appears in the 245 field.

MEDIUM -  Enter as appropriate.  There is a list

SIZEI -:  Enter dimensions in inches

SIZEM - Enter dimensions in metric

FRAMED - Is the item framed – Y/N

DESCRIP -: Use for any relevant notes. 

The shelving location will be entered by Access Services when the item is shelved.

Printed Acqusitions will contact Access Services when material is to be shelved.  They will include the record number from Art Storage in the email.

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