(Approved for use January 10, 2000)

Chronology tracings are made for all pamphlets and broadsides published in or about the United States, Great Britain, Continental Europe, and Latin America. Pamphlets are generally works of 100 pages or less, bound or unbound; however the limitation of 100 pages is not rigid. Chronology tracings are made for pamphlets or broadsides that are political, religious, biographical, economic or historical in nature. The intent of the tracings is to provide access to material that deals with contemporary events or issues. DO NOT make chronology tracings for pamphlets and broadsides that are purely literary in content. All items classed in British Tracts, European Tracts, American Tracts, and Latin American Tracts should receive the appropriate tracing. The four types of chronology tracings are:

Brit tracts Tracts published in or about Great Britain.
Euro tracts Tracts published in or about any country on the continent of Europe.
Lat Amer tracts Tracts published in or about any country of Latin America
Amer tracts Tracts published in or about the United States.
Chronology tracings are local subject tracings and are entered in a 690 field with a second indicator of "4". After the appropriate heading (e.g. Brit tracts) add a ‡y and the date of publication for the item. In general the tracing is created from information found in the 260 field, ‡c. Examples
690   4 ‡a Brit tracts ‡y 1645.
690   4 ‡a Euro tracts ‡y 1784.
690   4 ‡a Lat Amer tracts ‡y 1822.
690   4 ‡a Amer tracts ‡y 1794.

260     ‡a [France : ‡b s.n., ‡c 1712?]
690   4 ‡a Euro tracts ‡y 1712.

260     ‡a Philadelphia : ‡b Printed by the author, ‡c 1802
690   4 ‡a Amer tracts ‡y 1802.

260     ‡a [Mexico :‡bs.n., ‡c between 1803 and 1808?]
690   4 ‡a Lat Amer tracts ‡y 1803-1808.

260     ‡a London : ‡b Printed by the assigns of John Bill and Christopher Barker, ‡c 1671/2.
690   4 ‡a Brit tracts ‡y 1672.

260     ‡a [London : ‡b s.n., ‡c 167-?]
690   4 ‡a Brit tracts ‡y 167-.

260     ‡a Worcester : ‡b Printed by Henry J. Howland, ‡c [1849?]
690   4 ‡a Amer tracts ‡y 1849.

260     ‡a London : ‡b Printed for F. Coules, ‡c 1641 [i.e. 1642]
690   4 ‡a Brit tracts ‡y 1642.

260     ‡a A Parme :‡b Imprime par Bodoni, ‡c 1805.
690   4 ‡a Euro tracts ‡y 1805.

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