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Connecticut imprint tracings are made for all printed material including serials, scores and maps printed and published in Connecticut through 1850.

Do not bracket states, cities or dates. Do not include question marks. In general the tracing is created from information found in the 260 field.

691   4 ‡a Connecticut. [City]. [Publisher/printer]. [Imprint date(s)].
691   4 ‡a Connecticut. New Haven. A.H. Maltby Co. 1793.

Use the current form of the city as established by the Library of Congress.


260     ‡a New Haven, ‡b A. H. Maltby & Co., ‡c 1819.
691   4 ‡a Connecticut. New Haven. A.H. Maltby Co. 1819.

260     ‡a New Haven : ‡b From Sidney's Press for Increase Cooke, ‡c1807.
691   4 ‡a Connecticut. New Haven. Sidney's Press. 1807.
691   4 ‡a Connecticut. New Haven. Increase Cooke. 1807.

For monographs with multiple dates use a span of years for the date.
260     ‡a Hartford : ‡b Printed by Elisha Babcock, ‡c1797-1798.
691   4 ‡a Connecticut. Hartford. Elisha Babcock. 1797-1798.
For estimated dates use the date as it appears in the 260 field dropping brackets and question marks. Older records using n.d. should be corrected as found to an estimated date.
260     ‡a New London : ‡b Printed and sold by Cady & Eels, ‡c [1806?]
691   4 ‡a Connecticut. New London. Cady & Eels. 1806. 

260     ‡a Middletown : ‡b Clark & Lyman, ‡c [between 1809 and 1814?]
691   4 ‡a Connecticut. Middletown. Clark & Lyman. 1809-1814.

Make an imprint tracing for serials printed during any portion of the period for which an imprint tracing is required.
Do NOT add dates at end.


260     ‡a Hartford, Conn. : ‡b C. Hosmer, ‡c 1809-1832.
691   4 ‡a Connecticut. Hartford. C. Hosmer.

The curator will indicate if a tracing for a later date is desired.

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