Procedures for inputting holdings into the ESTC STAR Database

1. Log into the ESTC database at with our user name and password.


2. Search the database for a matching record. If you already have the ESTC number enter it in ESTC IDs box,

ESTC number example

or, try to match using the keyword author or title searches.

ESTC keyword title example

ESTC keyword author example

Click on the Display results button.

Display results box

The results are dependent on the search type preformed, the ESTC number search should yield a single result.


ESTC index view - single record

Title and author keyword searches will usually result in indexes.

ESTC index view - multiple records


Click on the Full button for the record that matches.


3. Determine the type of ESTC record by using: ESTC documentation

There are four types of ESTC records: edited, 18th century, partial and unedited.

Holdings can only be added to edited and18th century records.

Matches can be verified or unverified. Generally matches done with the copy in hand will be verified. Unverified matches result when more than one record can match - in this case the cataloger will choose one of the records and provide cataloger's notes, explaining the problem.

When an item matches a partial or unedited record, do not add a holding. Place the item with a printout of the bib. record either on the ESTC shelf in Chris's cabinet in SML, or on the shelf marked 'ESTC items to be photographed' near workstation 3 in Beinecke.

If no record in ESTC matches, place the item with a bib. printout on one of the ESTC shelves as described above.


4. Add holdings to ESTC record.

ESTC record


Click on the Add holding button.


Update holdings


Enter the shelfmark.

Enter copy notes, if necessary (examples).

Status should always be set to Web match

Click on Update button.

Close the holdings window

If the item is refreshed, the holding should display


Updated holdings



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