(Approved for use May 2, 2000)

Additional special tracings are made for literary works by authors from the following ethnic groups: Native Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Asian Americans.

Beinecke Technical Services staff will indicate on the accessions slip when these tracings are appropriate. Catalogers will not make an extended effort to determine if an author falls into one of these ethnic groups. This practice is not followed for Black or African-American authors, as they are classed in the James Weldon Johnson Collection.

Ethnic literature tracings are local subject tracings and are entered in a 690 field with a second indicator of "4"

690   4 ‡a Asian American literature.
690   4 ‡a Hispanic American literature.
690   4 ‡a Native American literature.


Erdrich, Louise. The antelope wife, 1998.
690   4 ‡aNative American literature.

Wong, May. A bad girl's book of animals, 1969.

690   4 ‡a Asian American literature.
Villanueva, Alma.  Bloodroot, 1977.
690   4 ‡a Hispanic American literature.

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