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The Gryphius collection consists of books printed and/or published by Sebastianus Gryphius, 1493-1556 in Lyon, France. The core of the collection was assembled by  the E.K. Schreiber Firm, part of whose collection went to the Library of Congress, which also has a Gryphius collection. Additions to the collection may be made either through gift or purchase. The general cataloging policies for monographs are followed.

The size boundaries are:

up to 25 cm. high
up to 23 cm. wide
between 26 and 37 cm. high
over 23 and up to 31 cm. wide
over 37 cm. high
over 31 cm. wide
The following guidelines are used when marking volumes for Gryphius.
  1. Mark on Yale bookplate when there is one, generally in the upper left corner.
  2. When there is no Yale bookplate, mark on verso of last page. The lower left hand corner is the alternate location when the lower right hand corner is unusable.
  3. If the last page is unmarkable (e.g. too dark or shiny or filled with text or illustrations), mark the verso of the first usable page from the end.
NOTE: Do not mark call number on original wrappers.

Gryphius is classed as a name collection and uses a sequential number for monographs.

Octavo beingen ‡h Gryphius ‡i 8 
Quarto beingen ‡h Gryphius ‡i +3 
Folio beingen ‡kFolio‡h Gryphius ‡i 2 
Cite the following whenever appropriate:

Baudrier, Henri-Louis, 1815-1884.
Bibliographie lyonnaise. Recherches sur les imprimeurs, libraires, relieurs et fondeurs de lettres de Lyon au XVIe si├Ęcle.
Lyon, Librairie ancienne d'Auguste Brun, 1895-1921.

Call number: SML  X132 L9 895


510 4   ‡a Baudrier, H.L. Bib. lyonnaise, ‡c VIII, p. 81 

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