(Approved for Use 7 September 2005)

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This applies to Beinecke material that is shelved at the offsite library shelving facility and is to be used in Beinecke Library only. For more information on transfers to LSF, see Transfer Procedures, Beinecke to LSF.


There are no size boundaries for collections going to LSF.

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The following guidelines are used when marking volumes going to the LSF facility:

  1. Mark on Yale bookplate when there is one, generally in the upper left corner.
  2. Mark on back cover, lower right hand corner, when there is no Yale bookplate unless cover is too dark.
  3. Mark on verso of last page, lower right hand corner, when 1 or 2 don't apply. The lower left hand corner is the alternate location when the lower right hand corner is unusable.
  4. If the last page is unmarkable (e.g. too dark or shiny or filled with text or illustrations), mark the verso of the first usable page from the end.

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Items going to the LSF Facility are classed as if they were staying in Beinecke, including both location and call number. As part of the transfer to LSF, the Location in the MFHD and the Perm-Loc in the item record will be updated automatically to one of the following LSF locations that correspond to Beinecke locations:

lsfbeir beingen, beinref and beinsref. Includes all transfers from Mudd and SML to the LSF.
lfsbeiar beinycal: American literature, including JWJ
lsfbeigr beinycgl: German literature, including Speck.
lsfbeior beinosb: Osborn
lsfbeiwr beinwa Western Americana

Item Records

Rare Book Team and Beinecke staff should create the item record for newly cataloged material following standard Beinecke procedures, including Item_Type = nocirc. The item type will be changed to lsfr by Beinecke staff at time of physcial transfer to the Library Shelving Facility.

Rare Book Team and Beinecke staff working on transfers from circulating collections into Beinecke and shelving at LSF should change the Item_Type to lsfr.

(If the MFHD does not have an item record associated with it (e.g., analytics, serial bound-withs), the Perm-Loc and the Location in the MFHD must be changed manually.)


Local notes will begin BEIN.

590     ‡a BEIN [call no.]: [Note.]
590     ‡a BEIN 2005 988: Imperfect: p. 33-34 wanting.

Special Requirements

Every item going to LSF will be housed in a protective enclosure (e.g., gaylords, boxes). Material going to LSF requires barcodes and item records. Generally, every physical piece needs a barcode. Loose issues of serials are an exception. For these, the barcode will go on the container and not on each individual issue. Barcodes are added as part of the transfer process.

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