Microfilm Cataloging Checklist for Rare Book Team
(Approved for Use 8 March 2007)

Cleanup record for the original

Microfilm Record

Make a copy of the record for the original; strip fields not applicable to the microfilm

Form of item a: Microfilm
Cataloging Source: d

One for each generation
Follow system-wide documentation.
If the reduction ratio is not given in the accompanying documentation, examine the microfilm itself to find out this information and to determine the date of filming for use in 533 ‡d

PM Number followed by :[no.] corresponding to order on the reel if there is more than one title

‡a CtY-BR ‡c CtY-BR

Add ‡h [microform] after title proper


Always make a 590 indicating the copy filmed. Include copy specific information pertaining to the original.

One for each generation. Use call numbers including prefixed letters found on the boxes preceded by “Film.” Suppress from OPAC the MFHDS for the negative films

When there is more than one title on a reel, make MFHDs and an ITEM record only for the first title (the host title) Link the item record to the bibliographical records for the other titles on the reel.

TIP: Once you have linked the bib records to the item record for the MFHD for the first location, create the item record for the MFHD for the second and/or third location. Tile the window for the original MFHD and the window for the item record attached to the second or third MFHD and use copy and paste for the bib record numbers found in the 014's of the first MFHD.

One for each generation

‡b smlmic ‡h Film ‡i [letter and no.]
‡b smlneg ‡k Suppressed ‡h Film ‡i [letter and no.] ‡x Printing master
‡b smlpres ‡k Suppressed ‡h Film ‡i [PM and no.] ‡x First generation (master)

When there is more than one title on the reel: ‡z Filmed with [no.] other titles. To view other titles, search by call no.: [no.].

Display of MFHDs for the negative locations should be suppressed from the OPAC.

If the hard copy was multi-volume, use the same 866 unless there is more than one title on the reel. If there is more than one title on the reel, do not add 866's, but make sure accurate holdings are recorded in the 533.

Export to utilities and MARS


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