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For certain books and serials, tracings are made for the printer, publisher, and bookseller. Make an added entry (700/710) tracing for each publisher and/or printer when a work falls into one of the categories below. In general make tracings only for printers and publishers that appear on the title page or in the case of early printed books and fine press works, the colophon. The addition of the 7xx fields allows a user to access all books printed or published by a firm or person with one search, even if varying forms of the name are found in different works. Leave in a record obtained via copy cataloging, printer/publisher tracings that Beinecke does not normally make.

This list includes all material for which printer/publisher/bookseller tracings are routinely made. Additions to this list can be made by request of curators, Beinecke Technical services, and the Rare Book Team.

The following individual publishers and booksellers: Form:

Names of persons and firms should be established in the form found in modern reference sources in a person's native language and according to the appropriate rules in chapters 22 and 24 of AACR2 and the Bibliographic Standards Committee's Rules for establishing certain names associated with printers. (Soon to appear in Cataloger's Desktop). In general the names of individual printers and booksellers are entered as a personal name. (E.g. enter Printed by Isaiah Thomas as 700:1 :‡;a Thomas, Isaiah, ‡d 1749-1831, ‡e printer). If there is clear evidence that a partnership is a formally established, stable entity, enter the phrase as a corporate body. In the absence of clear evidence that the relationship is a formal or legal partnership do not enter as a corporate body. Instead, establish the names of the various persons, and any related corporate body, separately. Make certain to add the appropriate relator term in subfield e.

260     ‡a Boston : ‡b Printed by Samuel Hall, in Cornhill, ‡c 1793.
700 1   ‡a Hill, Samuel, ‡d 1766?-1804, ‡e printer. 

260     ‡a New Haven : ‡b Published by John Babcock & Son, New Haven ; ‡a Charleston, S.C. : ‡b S. & W.R. Babcock; ‡a Philadelphia : ‡b M'Carty & Davis, ‡c 1820 ‡e (New Haven : ‡f Sidney's Press)
700 1   ‡a Babcock, William R., ‡d 1800-1859, ‡e bookseller.
710 2   ‡a John Babcock and Son, ‡e publisher.
710 2   ‡a S. Babcock & Co., ‡e publisher.
710 2   ‡a Sidney's Press, ‡e printer.
710 2   ‡a M'Carty & Davis, ‡e publisher.

260     ‡a Lugduni : ‡b Apud Seb. Gryphium, ‡c 1539.
700 1   ‡a Gryphius, Sebastianus, ‡d 1493-1556, ‡e printer.

260     ‡a [Lyon] : ‡b Seb. Gryphius Lugduni excud., ‡c anno 1531.
700 1   ‡a Gryphius, Sebastianus, ‡d 1493-1556, ‡e printer. 

260     ‡a [Hammersmith : ‡b Printed by T.J. Cobden-Sanderson at the Doves Press], ‡c 1914.
710 2   ‡a Doves Press, ‡e printer. 

Useful reference sources in establishing printers, booksellers, and publishers.



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Private presses

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