(Approved for use October 17, 2000)

"Red flag" items are those that have a monetary value equal to or exceeding an amount determined by the Director of the Beinecke Library. They are identified by the circled priority "R" on the Beinecke In-Process Slips. These items get the special handling described below:

  1. Only three "red flag" pieces may be out of the Beinecke at one time. The selection of the pieces is made by the Head of Technical Services.
  2. Each item must be handed to a member of the Rare Book Team when it is delivered to Sterling and may never just be left on a desk or shelf.
  3. Each item must be stored in the safe when it is not actually being worked on.
  4. Each item must be handed to a Technical Services staff member when the cataloging is complete and the item is ready for return to Beinecke. In Beinecke the item must be handed to the head of the unit or to an Acquisitions Assistant and may never just be left on a desk or shelf.
  5. The Rare Book Team will make every effort to see that "red flag" items are promptly cataloged and returned to Beinecke.
  6. Class "red flag" items as indicated on the Beinecke In-Process Slips.

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