Revised Procedures for adding copies to RLA records

When adding a new copy to an RLA recon record (all Orbis records in the C key range) or doing a substitution involving an RLA recon record:

  1. Pull or have a Steve Condict pull the Beinecke main entry cards. (From now on a Steve Condict will pull these main entries whenever he discovers a triple check RLA record so that catalogers get these cards along with the added copy at the time of cataloging). In some cases the cataloger may decide to call for the book as well if comparison seems necessary.

    Effective February 2007, cards will no longer be pulled, unless RLA has indicated illegible notes.

  2. Make sure that the Orbis record matches the cards and that all pertinent information from the front and back of the main entry cards is correctly reflected in the Orbis record. All acquisitions information and notes about reclassing from the verso of the cards should be in a 949 field.
  3. Once the record has been cleaned up, remove 035's beginning "(UPRA)tmpXXX ..." or "(UPRA)rdbXXX ...", but NOT the 035 beginning "(UPRA)CTYXRL ...", 090's, and extraneous 9xx fields from the record (do not remove the 927, 928, 940, or 949 fields; duplicate locations in 940's may be condensed). The 040 need not be changed, but you may change it to delete multiple |dUPRA's. Leave at least one |dUPRA. Add |dCtY-BR if making significant changes (e.g., adding provenance or fully recataloging). Encoding level may remain 1, or may be changed to blank if you are cataloging with the new copy in hand. Do not remove the 035's until you have cleaned up the record, as the presence or absence of an 035 is an obvious indication of whether the record has been cleaned up or not.
  4. On the holdings screen, leave in the record level note "RLA BEINECKE RECON". Add copy level note "949" if there is a 949 in the bib record.
  5. Add or substitute the new copy, making any necessary changes to the bib and holdings record. For statistics purposes count the new copy in terms of added copies and pieces. If you have recataloged the original copy with that copy in hand, also count the original copy as Recat/Reclass title and pieces. For substitutions, also count title and pieces under Withdrawals, i.e. count the new copy as added and the old copy as withdrawn.
  6. Put the Beinecke m.e. card in the box on Steve Condict's desk to have remainder of Beinecke card set pulled whenever the information on the cards is no longer correct (i.e. incorrect call number or provenance tracings).  In those cases have Steve Condict pull the Beinecke cards and then put those cards in the box on Stephen Young's desk marked "Cards for Catalog Mgt."
Effective February 2007, card sets will no longer be pulled.