Geographic Areas for Western Americana

Here are the authorized geographical headings that are most heavily used in Western Americana cataloging, both as 651 and as ‡z subfields. These are arranged roughly in geographical sequence from east to west.

West (U.S.) United States west of the Mississippi Zc10
Canada, Western British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba (Works dealing collectively with them) Zc90
Middle West Region of the United States between the Rocky Mountains and the Allegheny Mountains and north of the Ohio River and the southern border of Missouri and Kansas, generally including the states of Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota and North Dakota.


Northwest, Old  Between the Ohio and Mississippi rivers and the Great Lakes. Zc20   
Southwest, Old

Which comprised the southwestern part of the United States before the cessions of land from Mexico following the Mexican War. It includes Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky and Missouri.
WA - The country west of the original colonies, south of the Ohio but not across the Mississippi. Includes Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, but not Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana

Great Plains Region of North America extending from the Rio Grande in the south to the Mackenzie River Delta in the north and occupying an area extending approximately 400 miles eastward from the Rocky Mountains, including parts of Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, South Dakota, Wyoming, North Dakota, and Montana, as well as parts of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and the Northwest Territories of Canada. Zc10
Southwest, New Roughly corresponds to the old Spanish province of New Mexico, including the present Arizona, New Mexico, southern Colorado, Utah, Nevada and California.
WA - Also includes Texas.
Northwest Coast of North America Coastal region extending from Northern California to Southern Alaska. Zc70
Pacific Coast (U.S)   Zc70
Pacific Coast (North America)   Zc70
Northwest, Pacific Old Oregon country, comprising the present states of Oregon, Washington and Idaho, parts of Montana and Wyoming and the province of British Columbia
Zc70 (before1764 or after 1859)
Zc74 (1764-1859)
Northwestern States Northern part of the United States between the Great Lakes or Mississippi River and the Pacific Ocean. Zc20
Northwest, Canadian Area of Canada west of Ontario and Hudson Bay. Zc90

Authorized froms of states:

Zc86 Alaska
Zc56 Arizona
Zc24 Arkansas
Zc72 California
Zc49 Colorado
Zc84 Hawaii
Zc45 Idaho
Zc29 Iowa
Zc39 Kansas
Zc22 Louisiana
Zc31 Minnesota
Zc26 Missouri
Zc43 Montana
Zc33 North Dakota
Zc37 Nebraska
Zc69 Nevada
Zc54 New Mexico
Zc41 Oklahoma
Zc74 Oregon
Zc35 South Dakota
Zc52 Texas
Zc58 Utah
Zc78 Washington (State)
Zc47 Wyoming
  British Columbia

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