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Citation of GIS Data Sources

Citation of Data Sources in Your GIS Mapping

Citing Attribute Data Sources:
  1. Data Extracted from Online Database Applications
  2. Datasets Downloaded Wholesale from the Internet
  3. Data Copied from an HTML Table in a Webpage
  4. Data Extracted from a Local Resource (CD-ROM, Local Network, etc...)
Citing Cartographic Data Sources:
  1. Cartographic Data Extracted from Online Mapping Applications
  2. Cartographic Datasets Downloaded Wholesale from the Internet
  3. Cartographic Datasets from Local Resources (CD-ROM, Local Network, etc...)

Other Websites with Citation Information

U.S. Census Bureau / Suggested Citation Styles for our Internet Information - The Census Bureau's own guide for citing its resources. Unfortunately, they do not directly address the citation of the Census Boundary Files data, but the

Citing Maps / Ohio Wesleyan, Libraries & Information Services - Gives excellent examples of citation of print maps and web-based maps (including interactive maps, such as Google Maps).

Citing Geospatial Data Resources / University of Waterloo - A good, concise guide to citation of several data types, including local databases, commercial datasets and public data retrieved from FTP servers.

I need to Cite maps created in GIS, Geographic Information Systems/Science (GIS) / Dartmouth College Library - Examples of citing a map using spatial data.


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