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ESRI Virtual Campus Training Requests

ESRI Virtual Campus:

The Higher Education Master ArcGIS Site License Agreement for Yale stipulates unlimited seats on the ESRI Virtual Campus via the training subscription provided that the renewal fees have been paid and the contract is current. An ESRI Virtual Campus Training Subscription gives access to all asynchronous, auto-attended Virtual Campus courses authored by ESRI. This allows students, faculty, librarians, technology personnel, etc. to enroll in any one of ESRI's authorized subscription courses for GIS without any cost to them personally.

The following is the policy and procedure for requesting a course seat on the ESRI Virtual Campus through the GIS Service at the Map Collection:

The GIS Specialist at the Map Collection GIS Service will determine if the requestor needs a class and help determine what class may be appropriate for their needs. If applicable, the patron request will then be approved and a seat requested from ESRI for the patron. The request process can be done by e-mail and only takes about 10 minutes. The code for the requested class is sent to the patron via e-mail, which they can use when they register for the class on the ESRI Virtual Campus.

Contact Abraham Parrish, to obtain access codes for ESRI Courses that you are interested in.


To access the most recent list of available courses, see the ESRI Training Site.


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