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ArcGIS Task-Based Tutorials

Quick Tutorials for ArcGIS 9.x
  • Installation Tasks
    • Things to do before you upgrade from ArcGIS 8.x to ArcGIS 9.x
    • Installing ArcGIS from the Online Files
    • Connecting to the License Server
    • Why won't my ArcGIS Extensions work?
    • Installing ArcPad 7.0
    • Installing ArcPad Application Developer
  • Management Tasks:
    • Tips for Choosing Projections
    • How to Make Your ArcMap Project Portable
    • Tips for determining what projection/coordinate system a layer is in
  • Conversion Tasks:
    • Creating a Points Shapefile from a Table of Latitude & Longitude Coordinates
    • Converting Degrees, Minutes & Seconds to Decimal Degrees
    • Getting Your Waypoints & Tracklogs Out of a GPS Unit and Into ArcGIS
    • Converting Export Interchange Files (.e00) to Shapefiles
    • Converting shapefiles to grid in ArcView
  • Extraction/Interpolation Tasks:
  • Georeferencing & Geocoding
  • Working with Tables:
    • Troubleshooting Table Problems
    • Using Excel Files in ArcGIS 9.2
    • Using Field Calculator
    • Using Geometry Calculator
    • How to join data from different tables
  • Raster Tasks
    • Converting a floating point grid to an integer (to reduce file size)
    • Converting feet to meters and meters to feet for grids
    • Clipping raster layers to a vector layer
  • Vector Tasks
    • How to digitize raster features to vector in ArcMap
    • Calculating acreage and area for polygons in ArcMap
  • ArcPad
    • Planning your data collection
    • Creating an empty shapefile to base your ArcPad Forms on
    • Getting ArcPad to "talk" to your GPS Unit
    • Getting ArcPad to "talk" to your Total Station
  • Other Tasks

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