Maps Identified as Missing from
The Map Collection in the Sterling Memorial Library,
Yale University
As of August 13, 2007

Yale University would be grateful for information leading to the recovery of any of these maps.  Anyone who believes they have such information, or has any questions, should contact
Call Number Title Date Author
*352.1562 2 copies Russiae, Moscoviae et Tartariae descriptio. 1562 D. Henrico Sydneo
  Islandia  circa 1590 1590 Ortelius, Abraham
  Septentrionalium terrarum descriptio [north polar regions] 1595 Mercator, Gerardus
*35.1600 Tartaria (map is in color) 1600 Jodocus Hondius
*35.1600A Tartaria.(map is in black and white) 1600 Jodocus Hondius
*11.1631 [Blaeu] [The World] Nova Totius Terrarum orbis geografica ac Hy'Drografica Tablua auct: Guilelmo  Blaeuw  41 x 55 cm 1631 Guijelmo Blaeuw  [Blaeu]
*11.1639 Nova totius terrarum orbis geografica ac hydrografica tablua, auct.Henr. Hondio 1639 Hendrik Hondius
*755 1647 Carte particolare della nuova Belgia e'parte della nuoua Angelica [188];  from Arcano del Mare Secrets of the Sea 1647 Dudley 
*755.1653 Nova Belgica et Anglia Nova.  1653? 1653 J. Jansson
*76.1672A A Map of New England and New York. Sold by Thos. Basset… 1672 Speed
*23.1675 A Chart of the South-Sea  1675 John Seller
*755.1675 A Map of New England New Yorke New Iersey Maryland & Virginia. 1675? 1675 Robert Morden/William Berry
*755.1676 2 copies A Map of New England and New York 1676 F. Lamb/ Thos. Basset
*755.1676A  2 copies   Recens edita totius Novi Belgii in America Septentrionali circa 1676 1676 Matthei Seutteri [Seutter]
*352.1680 Imperii Russici sive Moscoviae. 1680 F. De Witt [Van Keulen?]
*755.1680 A new map of New England, New York, New Jersey, Pensilvania, Maryland, and Virginia. 1680 Thornton, Morden and Lea
*7855.1682 Anew map of the country of Carolina with its rivers, harbors… 1682 Joel Gascoyne
*774.P53.1683 A Portraiture of the City of Philadelphia 1683 Thomas Holme
*76.1685A Pas-Kaart vande Zee Kusten van Niew Nederland… 1685 Van Keulen
755.1686 A new map of New England. 1686 Lea, Philip
*755.1695 A new map of the English Empire in America. Viz. Virginia, Maryland, Carolina, New York, New Iarsey, New England &c. 1695 Rob. Morden
*76 1702A An Exact Mapp of New England and New York [from Mather's magnalia, (1702)] 29 x 36.5 cm. 1702 Mather's Manglia
*755.1713 A new mapp of New England and Annapolis with the Countrie's… 1713 Richard Daniel, W. Binneman sculp.
*71 1714B North America corrected from observations communicated to the Royal Society of London, and the Royal Academy at Paris by Iohn Senex and John Maxwell, georgraphers, 1710. Iohn senx sculpt. [ca. 1714]. 94 x 64 cm.   c. 1714 1714 Iohn Senex and John Maxwell.  
*755.1715 A Map of Louisiana and the River of Mississippi.  Circa 1715 1715 Senex
*795.1718 Carte de la Louisiane et Du Cours Du Mississipi… 1718 Guillaume DeLisle
*755.1687 Amplissimae Regionis Mississippi seu Provinciae Ludovicianae.actually circa 1715-1720 1720 Io. Bapt. Homanno/ Ludovico Hennepin
*35.C27.1720 Geographica Nova ex Oriente grafiofissima… 1720 Io. Bapt. Homann
*755.1720A Pensylvania, Nova Jersey, et Nova York cum Regionibus ed Fluvium..  1720 Tob. Conr. Lotter*
*75 1720 A Map of the British American Plantations… [183] 1720 Eman. Bowen
*85 1730 Carte des Antillces Francoises et des Isles Voisines dressee sur las memoires manuscrits de Mr. Petit [Ing. Du Roy par G. De L'Isle, chez Jean Covens et C. Mortier] [243a, 242a] circa 1730 1730 Covens-Mortier-De L'Isle
*755.1735A Carte de la Louisiane et du Cours du Mississippi…circa 1730 1735 Jean Covens / Corneille Moriter
*783 1737 small a Survey of the northern neck of Virginia, being the lands belonging to the Rt. Hon. Thomas lord Fairfax Baron Cameron, bounded by & within the Bay of Chesapoyocke and between the Rivers Rappuhgannock and Potowmack…as surveyed according to order in the ye 1737 John Warner
*786 C38 1739 Ichnography of Charles Town at High Water. G. H. delin. W. H. Toms sculpt. Published….by B. Roberts and W. H. Toms. 37 x 53 cm.     1739 B. Roberts & W.H. Toms
*76.1740 A map of the most inhabited part of New England… 1740 Bowles
*23.1748 A Generall Chart of the South Sea from the River of Plate to … 1748 Samuel Thornton
*755.1748 Pensylvania Nova Jersey et Nova York cum regionibus ad fluvium...  1748 Matthaeus Seutter
*755.1750 Carte de la Louisiane et des Pays Voisins… 1750 Bellin
*755.1750A A map of the Coast of New England, from Staten Island to the Island.. 1750 I. Mount & Page
*755.1750B Carte de la Nouvelle France…Florida de la Louisiane…Van Keulen-DeFer 1750 Van Keulen [De Fer, after Van Keulen]
*755.1759B 2 copies  Ampliissimae regionis Mississippi seu provinciae Ludovicianae… 1759 Io. Bapt. Homann [Hommanno]
*786.1773 A map of the province of South Carolina. 1773 James Cook
*76.1774A A map of the most inhabited part of New England… 1774 Thos. Jefferys
*771 N49 1767 To His Excelleney Sr Henry Moore, Bart..This Plan of the City of New York, Is most Humbly inscribed by…. Bernd. Ratzer, Lieut. N the 60th Regt. Survey'd in 1767. T. Kitchin, Scupt. 60 x 90 cm. 1775 Bernd Ratzer
*764.1775 Map of Eastern Massachusetts… 1775 B. Romans
7855.1775d An Accurate Map of  of North and South Carolina with Their Indian Frontieres, Shewing….from Actual Surveys by Henry Mouzon and Others.  London.  Printed for Robt. Sayer and J. Bennett… 1775. Sparrow Sc. 56 x 78 cm. [The Carolina map from Jeffers' Atlas]  1775 Henry Mouzon 
Franklin 131 1775 Map of Pennsylvania 1775 William Scull
*764B65 1775E Sketch of the Action between the British Forces…. 1775 Jefferys and Faden
*755.1777D Carte de l'Amerique Sept.le pour fervir a l'intelligence de la guerre…   1777 De Beaurain
*764.B65.1777 2sheet  A plan of Boston in New England with its environs…2sheet  1777 Henry Pelham
*786.1780H 2 copies A Draught of South Carolina and Georgia from Sewee to St. Estaca… 1780 W. Mount and T. Page
*762.1784A A topographical map of the province of New Hampshire… 1784 William Faden
*762.1784B An accurate map of the State and Province of New Hampshire in New 1784 Blanchard & Langdon
75 1784 j Carte des Etats-Unis d'Amerique, et du cours du Mississippi, redigee d'apres differentes cartes et relations anglaises et les operations de la derniere guerre; avec les nouvelles limites generales fixees par les articles preliminaries de paix, signes tant 1784 Brion de la Tour, Louis
*755 1785 The United States of North America with the British & Spanish Territories…Treaty of 1784. London, Engraved and Published by William Faden 1785. 53 x 63 cm.  1785 William Faden
*774.1792A.2sheets A map of the State Pennsylvania by Reading Howell…2 sheets 1792 Reading Howell
*779.W27.1792 Plan of the City of Washington in the Territory of Columbia… 1792 Andrew Ellicott
*779.1793 Territory of Columbia 1793 Andrew Ellicott
*777 1795 Map of the state of Maryland…and of the Federal territory; as also a sketch of the State of Delaware…by Dennis Griffith, June 20th, 1794. Philadelphia, J. Vallance, 1795 [See Old Print Shop Portfoliom May 2002] 1795 Dennis Griffith
*764.1795A An accurate map of the  Commonwealth of Massachusetts exclusive of the district of Maine  1798 Osgood Carleton/John Norman
Covers *57.Y35.1801 Map of Yedo. 1801 [unknown]
*764.1801 Map of Massachusetts proper, compiled from actual surveys… 1802 Osgood Carleton/B & J Loring
*71 1814A A map exhibiting all the new discoveries in the interior parts of North America [by] A. Arrowsmith…No.10 Soho square,January 1st 1795…Additions to June 1814. London, A. Arrowsmith, 1795. 125 x 147 cm 1814 A. Arrowsmith
*865 St23 1825 West Indies Martinque  St Pierre Roadstead  [305] 1825 unknown
*865ca? Martinique [West Indies]  [306] 1825 [unknown]
Covers*57.K99.1840 Map of Kyoto. 1840 Maruya Zenbei
*57.1841 Dai Nihon Dochu Hayabiki Saiken no Dzu. 1841 [unknown]
  Alden's pictorial map of the United States…with a map of Texas, Oregon, California 1847 Albert Alden
Covers 57.Sa27.1851 Map of Sakai. 1851 [unknown]
Covers 57.1854 Nihon Yochi Zenzu.  1854 Suido Nakajima
Roll 764.B26.1858 Map of the United States of America, the British Provinces, Mexico, the West Indies, and Central America… 1854 Colton, J. H.
57.N134.1860 Map of the Counties of Barnstable, Dukes and Nantucket, Mass. 1858 H.F. Walling
57am.N58.1889 Nagasaki Ko. 1860 Yagi Isaburo
57.N571.1891 "Picture of Nikko". 1889 Saito Torakichi…
  Map of Niigate in 1891. 1891 [unknown]