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The GIS Service at the Map Collection will provide task-based instruction to Yale affiliates via the Internet or on the Yale Network as online tutorials. This program is in the process of production at the moment, but will provide access to a wide range of patrons (with a network connection) at any time. The following is a list of instructions slated to be part of the online tutorials:

  • Converting Census 2000 data files for ArcView GIS applications
  • How to join data from different tables
  • Converting Digital Terrain Elevation Data to decimal degrees
  • Converting Export Interchange files (.e00) to coverage or shapefiles
  • Converting a floating point grid to an integer
  • Downloading and converting National Land Cover Data (NLCD) into grid format for use in ArcView
  • Converting GPS waypoints to shapefiles
  • Converting feet to meters and meters to feet for grids
  • How to georeference and image for use in ArcView
  • How to georeference a vector file for use in ArcView
  • Tips on selecting control points for various feature on maps, airphotos, etc.
  • Creating a scale ruler to identify control points
  • How to scan a map or image
  • How to put together a map scanned in several peices in Adobe Photoshop
  • Interpolating points to build a digital elevation model
  • Creating a header file
  • Converting a raster to vector in WiseImage
  • How to digitize raster features to vector in ArcView
  • How to combine or calculate attributes in ArcView
  • Tips on visualizing elevation data in ArcView 3D Analyst
  • Using the Projector! extension in ArcView
  • Tips for determining what projection/coordinate system a layer is in
  • Tips on shapefile to .dxf conversions
  • Coordinates to points conversion using Add Event Theme in ArcView
  • Tips on STDS format to shapefile/grid (ArcView) format conversion
  • Calculating acreage and area for polygons in ArcView
  • Converting shapefiles to grid in ArcView
  • Tips on editing attributes in ArcView
  • Tips on labeling and annotations in ArcView
  • Converting degrees, minutes, and seconds to decimal degrees
  • Tips for selecting an appropriate coordinate system/projection for your research
  • How to link documents and pictures to your map in ArcView
  • Tips for ArcView layouts
  • Tips for determining the appropriate resolution of a grid for your research area
  • Tips on creating buffers in ArcView
  • Tips on geoprocessing in ArcView
  • How to select features in one layer based on features in another layer in ArcView
  • Tips on porting ArcView projects from one computer to another
  • Tips on saving and transporting grids in ArcView
  • Troubleshooting problems with layers lining up
  • Tips on converting text delimited or Excel files for use in ArcView
  • Tips for geocoding street addresses
  • Interpolating a DEM from raster contours

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