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ArcGIS Software Update:
Yale has just recieved an update to ArcGIS software - ArcGIS 9.1. Find out about availability of this new version on campus.

Raster to Vector Software:
The Yale Map Collection has recently acquired a raster to vector software called WiseImage. This is a robust software that greatly reduces the time it takes to vectorize images.


New York City Parcels:
The Yale Map Collection has recently acquired the New York City Tax Block and Tax Lot along with PLUTO (Primary Land Use Taxlot Output) tax assessor records for all 5 boroughs.

Map Collection GIS Service Equipment:

Three high end machines for GIS analysis, a 42" color printer for GIS/ cartographic printing, and a large-format 54' sheet-fed scanner..


Temporal GIS (TGIS):

TGIS involves modeling spatial elements over a desired period of time. It provides applications for analyzing trends in human health, urban growth, natural resource consumption, weather patterns, and economic growth just to name a few.

For more information on TGIS refer to Gail Langran's book, Time in Geographic Information Systems, Taylor and Francis, 1992.

Data CD:
The GIS Service at the Map Collection will burn geo-spatial data to a CD-R for your research needs free of charge.

ArcView 3.3 Data:
ArcView version 3.3 includes a small set of geo-spatial data automatically installed with the software that includes layers such as country boundaries, U.S. country boundaries, cities, highways, rivers, and many more.

ArcView Installation:

Installation disks of both versions of ArcView (3.x and 9.x) can be checked out from the GIS Service at the Map Collection- the stipulation is that the software can only be loaded on Yale-owned computers.
Free GIS classes:
Yale has unlimited class seats on the ESRI Virtual Campus for specific classes with our site license for ArcView. Yale personnel can request a seat through the Map Collection GIS Service to take a GIS technology course online.


Current Events

Israel / Palestine:
View maps that show strategic land cover and political boundaries that have given rise to the historical and recent conflicts between the Palistinians and the Israelies.

2000 U.S. Census:
The U.S. decinial census for 2000 has been completed and its results are being released intermittently. See a spatial representation of America's population and housing for the new millineum.


Country Profile

Learn more about Nepal through cartography and GIS.

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