ArcView 3.3 Data:

ArcView 3.3 comes with a small set of data that is automatically installed with the software. It contains data that covers the world in general, and the U.S., Mexico, Canada, and Europe in a little more detail.

The world data set includes themes such as country boundaries, general hydrology, major cities, and a lat long grid. Canada, Mexico, includes cities, roads, lakes, rivers, and provinces/states. Europe includes cities, rivers, and urban areas. The U.S. includes cities, places, rivers, roads, counties, states, and zip codes.

The boundaries for GIS data is very generalized, and therefore is not very suitable for visualizing large scale areas such as single cities or counties. The data is more appropriate for visualizing themes that cover whole countries or continents.

The data is located in the C:/ESRI/esridata folder (assuming the software was installed on C:/).


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