Data CD:

The Map Collection GIS Service burns data CD's for patrons free of charge.

Often, GIS data sets are derived from several different sources in different formats and projections. The GIS Service will organize, spatialy snycronize, and in some cases create and update metadata for patrons. This data and metadata is then burned to a CD-Recordable disk for the patron to use at various locations where ArcView and associated GIS software may reside.

Important things to note about GIS data on CD-R disk is that data can be added to it later if the disk is left open. Data cannot be deleted from a CD-R (this ensures data integrity) like a CD-RW. The GIS Service does not distribute data on CD-RW, floppy disks, or zip disks. Patrons have the option of transferring their data to these media once they have their CD-R. It is recommended that patrons do transfer data to the above-mentioned portable media or to a local hard drive or network space to make it easier to port project files (.mxd in ArcGIS, .apr in ArcView 3x).


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