Yale Map Collection GIS Service Equipment:

The Yale Map Collection GIS Service, located in the Map Collection on the 7th floor in Sterling Memorial library, has three computers for GIS research and cartography. The specifications of the computers are:


  • Pentium 4 Processors
  • 120 GB Hard Drive
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 20" monitors
  • DVD/CD-RW drives
  • Networked to large fomat printer

The GIS Service also recently acquired a 42" HP color printer for large scale printing of GIS, cartography, and map reproductions. The printer is network enabled -see GIS Specialist at Map Collection for details. See the service page for more information on this resource.

There is also a Colortrac 5480 Enhanced 54' color sheet-fed scanner available in the lab. Scan are made by staff only.

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