Yale University provides a variety of GIS services through different departments. The University Library primarily serves patrons though the GIS Service at the Map Collection in Sterling Memorial Library. Other parts of the Universtiy Library that provide GIS service include the Epidemiology and Public Health Library, Government Documents (Mudd) Library, and the Geology Library.

Other departments on the Yale campus that are involved in GIS service include the Statistics Labratory through Academic Media & Technology and the Center for Earth Observation. Follow the above links to these respective departments to find out more about what services they offer.

Service by Type:

Data & Software Searching
GIS Software Access
Processing & Distribution
Output & Presentation

Service by Location:

GIS Service at the Map Collection
Statistics Laboratory
Social Science Libraries & Information Services/Government Documents & Information Center
Geology Library
Epidemiolgy and Public Health Library
Center for Earth Observation



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