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Map Collection:

The GIS Service at the Map Collection provides a variety of instruction and instruction resources. There will be an attempt to provide at least one lab class with the Statlab on how to use ArcView each semester. In addition, unilimited seats of ArcView/ ArcGIS online classes were made available with the site license for the software. These are available to anyone affiliated with Yale University. The GIS Service also provides point of need instruction to patrons for particular tasks that may need to be performed with ArcView. Many of these instructions are documented and will be converted into online tutorials that will be made available soon on this website. See the Instruction page for more information.


The Statlab offers several classes for GIS. There is an Introduction to ArcView class that is usually team taught witht the Map Collection GIS Specialist once per semester at the Statlab. In addition, there are classes with a focus on statistics and Antropology. Visit the Statlab site for more information. Personal task based instruction is also available at the Statlab.

Government Documents:

The GovDocs Library instructs patrons on the use of geo-spatial materials in the collection.

Geology Library:

No instruction service at this time.


No instruction service at this time.

Center for Earth Observation:

The CEO offers a semester long remote sensing course (Observing the Earth from Space) that gives students a better understanding of remote sensing products and how to use them. Since remote sensing analysis is similar to GIS, this may be a useful course for those using a significant amount of remote sensing imagery for their GIS. The CEO also offers day or week long peridodic remote sensing seminars. For more information on this course, see the CEO site. The CEO also has links to online tutorials for remote sensing and GIS instruction.


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