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The last step in the process of utilizing GIS in research is outputing the analyzed and manipulated data. This is generally done by printing out a cartographic product on a printer. Currenlty, the Map Collection GIS Service provides a large format color printer (42" wide). The GIS Center will assist patrons with GIS printing issues such as visualization, basic cartographic elements that are part of a map, printing maps with large file sizes, and printing to scale. See the printing section for more information on the specs and cost of large format printing.

Also, the GIS Service will assist the patron in exporting maps to other formats or converting them for use in presentation programs such as MS PowerPoint or on the Web as HTML, Flash, temporal maps, or interactive maps


Along with the Map Collection and ITS, the Statlab will be providing server space for patrons who want to publish interactive maps with ArcIMS. This service is still under development and the protocol and cost are still being determined. Contact the Statlab or the Map Collection GIS Service for more information.

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