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There are many different types of geo-spatial data sets in many different fomats available to GIS users. Often a patron will require data that whose souce may span several differnt Internet sites, vendors, and collections and will have difficulty converting all the data to one stadard and interoperable data set. The GIS Service at the Map Collection provides a processing and conversion service that is flexible according to the needs of the patron and the current work load at the GIS Center.

Basically, the GIS Service at the Map Collection will take the geo-spatial data it has downloaded, purchased, vectorized, etc., convert it to the appropriate format, put it all in the same projection and coordinate system, merge or clip data to fit the geographic scope, then burn a CD-R containing all the geo-spatial data in an organized directory, metadata files that may have come with the data, and a readme file contaning information on additional metatdata, all the processsing that was done for the data, and the source of all the data sets. The GIS Service does this as a free service and the acuracy and integrity of the data is the responsibility of the patron.

Most geo-spatial data contains some sort of licensing agreement and copyright. Before distributing any geo-spatial data to patrons, the GIS Service at the Map Collection will explain the licensing and copyright indiocyncracies for each data set and have the patron sign a document stating they understand the licensing and copyright issues.

For data that isn't a complete geo-spatial data set, the GIS Service at the Map Collection will assist in processing it into a complete geo-spatial data set. This may include finding and linking vector files to statistical data or digitizing geographic features from paper maps. The process of digitizing is aided by tools such as a scanner and a software called WiseImage Pro Color, which performs raster to vector conversion. Both of these tools are available at the GIS Service at the Map Collection. This type of service is available by appointment only.

Find out more about the raster to vector conversion process and view examples.


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