Raster to Vector Conversion: Contour Lines to DEM

Raster to Vector conversion can be achieved in many ways. Using a combination of WiseImage and ArcView software, the method of converting contour lines from a paper map to a Digital Elevation Model can be achieved.

After scanning the paper map, the resulting raster can be vectorized in WiseImage using an automatic conversion or an auto-trace conversion.
A CAD format (.dxf) vector file created in WiseImage from the traced contours and converted to a shapefile for use in ArcView. The appropriate elevations are specified for each line in the ArcView table.
Shapefile line theme is converted to a point theme.
The Shapefile points are interpolated into a Digital Elevation Model. The DEM can be opened in ArcView's 3D Analyst to view it in 3 dimensions.

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