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Map Collection:

ArcGIS/ ArcView is the standard GIS software on campus. There is a site license for the software for the entire campus. The installation disks for the software can be checked out at the GIS Service at the Map Collection and can only be loaded on Yale-owned computers. The GIS Service at the Map Collection provides 3public machine with both ArcView version 3.3 and version 9.0. The public machines also contains additional GIS software such as DLG Viewer and Mico DEM/ Terrabase II. They also contains various ArcVeiw scipts and extensions that have been downloaded, created or purchased to extend the capabilities of the software. Patrons may request installation of additional scripts and extensions to extend the capabilities of the software to support their research. The GIS Service at the Map Collection also performs searches for ArcView scripts and extensions as well as other softwares to meet the research needs of patrons. The public computer is only available by appointment for use. See the Software page to discover other computers or labs on campus that contain GIS software.


The Statlab offers ArcView 3x and ArcGIS at the ArcInfo level on all their lab machines. They also provides assistance with adding scripts and extensions to ArcView.

Social Science Libraries & Information
Services / Government Documents & Information Center:

GovDocs offers patrons access to one computer with ArcGIS and ArcGIS at the ArcView level. The machine is also used to access the various government depository geo-spatial data in the collection.

Geology Library:

The Geology Library offers 2 machines: one with ArcGIS at the ArcInfo level and ArcView 3x, the other with ArcGIS at the ArcView level and ArcView 3x.


The EPH Library has 15 machines for open lab use and another 15 machines for a classroom with ArcGIS at the ArcView level and ArcView 3x. Use of these computers are restricted to Medical/EPH students.

Center for Earth Observation:

The CEO has 12 high-powered computers mainly for the purpose of using remote sensing software, but also has ArcGIS at the the ArcView level, ArcView 3x, and ArcGIS at the ArcInfo level for 3 floating seats. Use of this lab is restricted; see the lab manager for more details.


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