Available Software

ArcView is the standard GIS software at Yale University. This means that ArcView was the GIS software selected for a campus wide license agreement. ArcView is produced by the Environmental Systems Resource Institute and is a robust GIS software that can manage a wide array of GIS data and perform a wide variety of GIS analysis.

There are many levels, versions, and extensions included in the ArcView software package. The earliest available version of ArcView is ArcView 3.3. There are several extensions available with a site licences for this version including Spatial Analyst, 3D Analyst, Image Analysis, Network Analyst, ArcPress, StreetMap, and ArcPad.

ArcGIS 8.3 and 9.0, and 9.1 at the ArcView, ArcEditor and ArcInfo level are also available at Yale. There is also ArcInfo Workstation available. There is an unlimited site license for the ArcGIS at all levels . ArcGIS includes: Spatial Analyst, 3D Analyst, Geostatistical Analyst, ArcPress, ArcScan, ArcSurvey, Network Analyst, and StreetMap.

See labs and locations where the different versions and levels of ArcView/ArcGIS are available on the Yale campus.

Parts of the software (ArcGIS 9.1, ArcView 3.3, ArcPad 6.0.1) are available to Yale faculty and staff for download on the Yale Software site.

Free Software:

There are a variety of free GIS software packages available for download from the Internet that offer a range of capabilities. Listed below are just a few common ones:

DLG Viewer: for viewing a variety of USGS geospatial files (DEM, DRG, DLG, etc.) Limited analysis capabilities.

MicroDEM/Terrabase II: Allows viewing of raster and vector geospatial files; advanced tools for analyzing DEM's.

GRASS: Geographic Resources Analysis Support System; GNU General Public License GIS software for visualizing, processing, analysing, and managing raster and vector GIS data.

ArcExplorer: ESRI's free GIS data viewer.

The GIS software listed above are just a few of the common ones. Visit the freegis.org site to veiw a more comprehensive list of free GIS software.

Scripts & Extensions:

Geocommunity: Free downloads of scripts, extensions, tools, demos, etc. related to GIS.

ArcScripts: Hundreds of free scripts and extensions for ESRI's line of GIS software.



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