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  The Americas

North America

1556, La Nuova Francia. Venice, 1556. Giovanni Battista Ramusio. From Vol. 3 of his Navigationi et Viaggi.
(The long curved line around the bottom and right side of the map represents the Grand Banks, and the decorative devices reflect the importance of fishing off the eastern coast)

1556, La Nuova Francia. Giovanni Battista Ramusio. From the second edition of the Viaggi, published in 1565.
(For this edition a completely new wood-block was used, the changes most evident in the shape of the trees and the sea creatures at the bottom)

1597, Norumbega Et Virginia. Louvain, Cornelius Wytfliet.
From Descriptionis Ptolemaeici augmentum, the first atlas of America.

1667, Extreme Americae versus Boream, ubi Terra Nova Nova Francia Adjacentiaq. Amsterdam, 1667. Joan Blaeu. From the 1667 French edition of Blaeu's Grand Atlas.
(A derivation based on Champlain's 1632 map.)

1685, Partie de la Nouvelle France. Paris, 1685. Hubert Jaillot.
From the Atlas Francois, Contenant Les Cartes Geographiques...

1687, L'America Settentrionale. Rome, 1687. Guillaume Sanson

1700, La Canada ou Partie de la Nouvelle France, contenant la Terre de Labrador la Nouvelle France, les Isles de Terre neuve, de Nostre Dame & c. Amsterdam, [c.1700]. Pierre Mortier
From the Suite de Neptune Francois ou Atlas Nouveau des Cartes Marines.

1702, Tabula Californiae., Father E. F. Chino, place of printing unknown

1704, L'Amerique septentrionale, ou la Partie Septentrionale des Indes Occidentales ou se trouve le Canada ou Noulle France... Paris, 1704. Jean Baptiste Nolin.

1754, A Map of the Western parts of the Colony of Virginia, London, J. Gibson.
Originally published in the London Magazine

1758, A Map of the Colonies of Connecticut and Rhode Island, Divided into Counties & Townships, from the best Authorities. Thomas Kitchin, place of printing unknown.
The first printed map that is primarily of Connecticut now extant, it shows township lines not found on any existing earlier sources.

1759, To the Right Honourable William Pitt, Esq...An Authentic Plan of the River St. Laurence....with the Operations of the Siege of Quebec. London, Thomas Jefferys.

1760, A map of North America from the Latest Surveys and Maps. London, [1768?]. John Blair. Engraved by Thomas Kitchin.
From Blair's The Chronology and History of the World

1760, Carte de la Nouvelle France... 1745. Ottens.
The second state of a map first published about 1720, which was based on a 1719 map by Chatelain.

1760, A map of Canada and the North Part of Louisiana with the Adjacent Countrys.London, 1760. Thomas Jefferys.
Published in A Natural and Civil History of the French Dominions in North and South America.

1770, A New Map of the Cherokee Nation... London, Thomas Kitchin.

1778, A Plan of the several Villages in the Illinois Country, with part of the River Mississippi &c. Thomas Hutchins, place of origin unknown.

1799, A New Map of Connecicut from the Best Authorities. New York: J. Low, 1799.

1812, Louisiana, S. Lewis, place of origin unknown.
Originally printed in A New and Elegant General Atlas, by A. Arrowsmith and S. Lewis.

1817, Connecticut. (Baltimore, F. Lucas, 1817?)

1820, A Map of the Five Great Lakes with part of Pensilvania, New York, Canada, and Hudsons Bay Territories &c. maker and place of origin unknown.

1824, Connecticut B.T. Welch Sc. Drawn & Published by F. Lucas, Jr. Baltimore, (1824).

1830, Virginia, Philadelphia, A. Finley

1870, North America, Tokyo, maker unknown
From the World Atlas in the Lanman Collection

Mexico and the Caribbean

1550, The Lake of Mexico and Parts Adjacent, maker and place of origin unknown.

1576, Cuba, Venice, S. Galignani and G. Porro.
This map and the two following were originally printed in the second edition of Thomaso Porcacchi's L'Isole piu famose del mondo

1576, Iamaica, Venice, S. Galignani and G. Porro.

1576, Spagnuola, Venice, S. Galignani and G. Porro.

1690, San Domingo, maker and place of origin unknown.

1700, Archipelagus Americanus, maker and place of origin unknown

1702, Le Vieux Mexique ou Nouvelle Espagne auec les costes de la Floride, Paris, N. de Fer.

1728, The Island of Jamaica, London (?), H. Moll

1814, Charte der Insel Puertorico, Weimar, C. Ehrlich

1823, The Route of Columbus on arriving among the Bahama Islands, New York, D.G. Johnson, lettering by D.R. Harrison.

South America

1590, Freti Magellanici, maker and place of origin unknown.
Captions in Latin and Dutch. Possibly from an edition of Mercator's Atlas Minor

?1690, Detroit de Magellan, maker and place of origin unknown.

1756, Karte von Paraguay, maker and place of origin unknown.

1775, Carte du Chili, depuis le sud du Perou jusqu'au Cap Horn, Paris, M. Bonne

1870, South America, Tokyo, maker unknown
From the World Atlas in the Lanman Collection

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