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Electronic Resources

Centennia by Clockwork Software, Inc.
Displays and dynamically changes the political boundaries of Europe, Scandanavia, Asia Minor, and Northern Africa over the years 1000 A.D. to 1995. The user can specify a particular date to view, or allow the software to chronologically update the boundaries. Names of states are displayed, and an active annotation bar along the bottom of the screen informs the user of significant events. More detailed information of each even can be retrieved. Prints of maps can be sent to the color printer at the Map Collection.
Global Explorer by DeLorme Mapping.

A map of the world allowing the user to search for over 140,000 place names. Items include rivers, topographic features, land cover types (i.e. wetlands, forest) , parks and preserves, cities, monuments, provinces, ruins and much more. Includes city maps of major cities around the world. The user can zoom and pan across all regions of the globe. Also includes a path finder for aircraft routes between major cities around the world. Using Paintbrush, maps can be printed to the color laser printer in the Map Collection.
GeoName Digital Gazetteer by GDE Systems, Inc.

A digital gazeteer of the world. The user can specify several fields for searching, including topographic and hydrdographic features, populated place names, "spots" (i.e. farms, mines, etc.). It also alllows the user to specify a geographic boundary for the search by inputing longitude and latitude information or dragging a box within the map of the globe. Also helpful is a conversion routine to convert longitude and latitude information into UTM and JOG coordinates.
Great American History Machine by the University of Maryland.

An enormous database of demographic information regarding the United States throughout its history. Includes voting patterns, census information, and much more. Each variable (i.e. Democratic presidential vote) is displayed on a map of the United States for the time period desired and can be easily compared to maps of other time periods.
MapExpert by Delorme Mapping.

A digital street atlas of the United States. The user can search for and display street maps by entering zip code, phone exchange, block numbers, or names of locations. Zooming capabilities allow for several levels of detail. Maps can be modified by adding text or simple graphics. Though primarily a street atlas, topographic and hydrographic features are also depicted.
Map'N'Go by Delorme Mapping.

A digital atlas of North America, Map'N'Go allows the user to map a driving route. Places can be located by name, zip code, or area code and exchange. The user can specify waypoints along their route, and the software will determine driving distance and travel time. Can also identify hotels, restaurants, campgrounds, and intersting areas along the desired route.
Other digital mapping resources at Yale.


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