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"Early Mapping of New England and Connecticut," October 20, 2000.

  • Hitting the Road
  • Infinite Perspectives
  • Cartographical Curiosities
  • The Eye of the Beholde: Western Maps of Africa
  • Early Maps of China & Japan

  • Early Mapping of
    New England and Connecticut

    October 2000 - January 2001

    Road Maps From the Map Collection of Yale University Library

    On display from November 1999 to January 2000 in the exhibit cases in Sterling Memorial Library entrance to the stacks.  Among the many treasures of the Library is a collection of nearly 10,000 road maps dating back to the turn of the century. Most of these maps are the maps issued by oil companies and distributed free to motorists. Displayed here are several representative examples that reflect America�s love affair with the automobile.

    A complete listing of the maps in this exhibit along with the accompanying text can be found here.

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    Two Thousand Years of Three-Dimensional Mapmaking

    Featuring maps included in the book Infinite Perspectives, by Brian M. Ambroziak and Jeffrey R. Ambroziak. New York: Princeton Architectural Press, 1999. Jeffrey Ambroziak is a New Haven attorney and inventor of a new three-dimensional cartographic technique. The first part of his book, Infinite Perspectives, is a comprehensive overview of the history of relief mapmaking. The second part of the book, on digital mapping, contains some twenty plates utilizing the Ambroziak Infinite Perspective Projection that can be viewed with 3-D glasses. Many of the illustrations in the historical section of Infinite Perspectives are of maps from the Yale Map Collection. Some of those maps are displayed in this exhibit. Most of the text is also taken from the book

    A complete description of this exhibit can be found here.

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    Cartographical Curiosities

    Selections from the Map Collection's odd, curious, and fanciful maps were on display in the Exhibition Corridor of Sterling Memorial Library from April to July, 1998.

    A complete listing of the maps in this exhibit along with the accompanying text can be found here.

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    The Eye of the Beholder:
    Western Maps of Africa

    This exhibit, on display from December 1997 to January 1998, featured historical maps of Africa which demonstrate the changing perceptions of Africa by the West. The exhibit was presented in conjunction with the Yale University Art Gallery's exhibition,"Baule: African Art, Western Eyes." It explored the images that Western European explorers, missionaries, and cartographers had of Africa from the fifteenth through the early twentieth centuries.

    Click here to find a selection of the maps used in this exhibit, as well as the complete text of the exhibit as it appeared in the display cases in Sterling Memorial Library.

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    Early Maps of China & Japan

    Dr. Jonathan T. Lanman, Yale '40, Yale Medical School '43, was a man of many talents and interests. An eminent physician, he was professor and chairman of the pediatrics department at the Down State Medical College of the State University of New York, and later director of the Center for Research for Mothers and Children at the National Institutes of Health. His experience as a medical officer in the Far East during World War II kindled a life-long interest in the Orient. Over the years, Dr. Lanman collected Japanese and Chinese maps, prints, and early travel accounts of voyages to the East, as well as important 16th and 17th century European maps and globes. His outstanding collection, along with an endowment for its support, came to Yale as a gift from his family in 1989, and was on exhibit in Sterling Memorial Library in the winter of 1997. Click here to see an index of the maps which were on display in this exhibit.

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