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The Lada-Mocarski Collection

The following maps were donated to the collection in 1975 by Mrs. Valerian Lada-Mocarski, and are being researched by Nikolaos Chrissidis

1584, Western Hemisphere, Gerardus Mercator, place of origin unknown
Titled "Dieu et Mon Droit," this particular copy of this map is a facsimile of Mercator's original, made by the Hakluyt Society in 1880

1612, Asiae Nova Descriptio, Abraham Ortelius, place of origin unknown

1620, Russiae vulgo Moscovia, Pars Australis, Paris, Isaac Massa
From the Atlas of Johannes and Cornelius Blaeu. The figures at the bottom are dressed in furs, reflecting the contemporary interest in Russia as a fur-producing region.

1627, Urbis Moskva, maker and place of origin unknown.
This map has inscriptions in Latin, French, and Russian, and is taken from the French edition of Blaeu's Atlas

1638, Nova Zemla,Amsterdam, Johannes Blaeu.
Printed on a page from Blaeu's Atlas, this map has text in Dutch and a picture of a walrus on the back

1650, Paskaart vande Noordkust van Moscovien, Amsterdam, Johannes van Keulen

1651, Tabula Russiae, C.Visscher, place of origin unknown.
Based on the work of Fedor Borisovich, this map also appeared in the French edition of Blaeu's Atlas

1660, Spheres, maker and place of origin unknown
Sphere de Copernic/Sphere de Ptolemee
Globe Terrestre/Globe Celeste

1678, Russia Bianca o Moscovia, Rome, Guglielmo Sansone

1681, Paskaart van't Noordelkyste deel der Noort Zee, Amsterdam, Johannes van Keulen
Mainly a nautical chart, this map includes Scandinavia, Iceland, and northwest Russia as well as the North Sea.

1681, Paskaart van der Witte Zee, Amsterdam, Johannes van Keulen

c. 1700, Fluvius Newa e lacu Ladoga... Augsburg, Matthew Seutter
A map of the flow of the Neva River from Lake Ladoga towards the Baltic Sea. This was probably the first of a series of maps which showed the entire course of the river.

?1710, Topographische Vorstellung der Neuen Russischen Haupt-residenz und See Stadt St. Petersburg... Nuremberg, Johannes Homann.
This map is as much a tribute to Czar Peter the Great as it is a plan of his capital city. A portrait of the czar is surrounded by the Muses and representations of the classical sciences, and surmounted by the motto "He transferred the country that was u sed to war towards the arts of peace." Although the map has been dated 1710, it was clearly made many years after that, since it shows the city at a stage of development that was not reached until long after 1710.

1722, Theatre de la Guerre dans la Petite Tartarie la Crimee, La Mer Noire... Amsterdam, Jean Covens and Corneille Mortier
Based on the work of Guillaume de Lisle, this map shows the area of the Crimean Peninsula which was used by Peter the Great to conduct his war against the Ottoman Empire.

1734, Ingermanlandiae seu Ingriae novissima Tabula, maker and place of origin unknown.
A map of what is now the Baltic States, and the area around St. Petersburg.

1740, Carte Siberie, Augsburg, Conrad Lotter

1740, Hemisphere Septentrional pour voir plus distinctement Les Terres Arctiques, Amsterdam, Guillaume de Lisle, Johannes Kyrilow.

1780, Planisphere suivant la Projection de Mercator, maker and place of origin unknown

c.1785, Carte de la Petite Tartarie, Amsterdam, Pierre Schenck, Henry de Leth
Based on a Russian map, this appears to have been drawn after Russia's annexation of the Crimean Khanate in 1783. The inscription mentions a Russian Empress, and the most likely candidate is Catherine the Great, who ruled from 1762 to 1796 and who engine ered Russia's takeover of the Crimea.

1853, Chart shewing the North West Passage, London, E.A. Inglefield and W.H. Fawkener

Genealogie des Czars de Moscovie ou Empereurs de la Grande Russia...selon M. Hubner
Probably printed soon after 1711, since the last date on the chart is the marriage of Tsarevich Alexei Petrovich in that year.

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