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The Lanman Map Collection Exhibit

1. Tabula Superioris Indiae... From a 1541 edition of Ptolemy's Geographia.

2. China Regnum. Cornelius de Jode. Antwerp, (1593).

3. China, olim Sinarum regionis, nova descriptio. Abraham Ortelius. Antwerp, 1584.

4. Tartariae Sive Magni chami Regni. Abraham Ortelius. Antwerp, ca. 1570.

5. Japoniae Insulae Descriptio. Luis Teixera/Abraham Ortelius. Antwerp, 1595.

6. Nova et Accurata Japoniae Terrae... Joannes Janssonius. Amsterdam, ca. 1740.

7. Nieuwe Kaart van't Keizerryk Japan. Issac Tirion. Amsterdam, ca. 1740.

8. Imperium Japnicum in sexaginta et octo provincias divisium. E. Kaempfer & J. Scheuchzer. London, 1727.

9. Parte Occidentale della China and Parte Occidentale della China. Vincenzo Coronelli. Venice, ca. 1690.

10. (Hemispheric world map). Ferdinand Verbiest/Hai-tung Lou. Peking, ca. 1674 (1851).

11. Shinkan Nagasaki No Zu (Newly Engraved Map of Nagasaki). Nagasaki, 1801.

12. (The Whole Map of Japan). Nagakukbo Sekisui and Osei Soya. 1783.

13. Shincho Itto No Zu (Map of China under the Ch'ing Dynasty). Seitaien, 1835.

14. Tokaido Bunken Ezu (Route Map of the Tokaido Highway). Ochikochi Doin. Edo, 1690.

15. (City Map of Kyoto). Carved by Kogazan. Published by Kaze Ori. 1809.

16. (Map of 36 Counties in the 27th year of the Emperor Shi of Ch'in). In an 19th century history of Ch'in Dynasty.

17. (Chinese Map of Hai-T'a, Fukien Province). Early 19th century.

18. (Inland Sea Route from Osaka to Nagasaki). 1777.

19. (World Atlas). Tokyo, 1870.

20. Meiji Kaisei Dai Nippon Meisai Zenzu (Meiji revision of a detailed map of Japan). Pub. by Maeda, 1876.

21. Map of Yokohama. T. Odzaki, 1892.

22. The Kingdome of China. John Speed, London, 1626

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