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Standing Committees

Access Services Committee [membership list]

Catalog Policy and Documentation Committee [membership list]

Cataloging Coordinating Council (CCC) [membership list]

Collection Steering Committee (CSC) [membership list]

Communications Committee (CC)

Digital Enterprise Steering Committee (DESC) [membership list]

Disability Services Committee [membership list]

Diversity & Inclusion (Diversity Council)

Finding Aids Coordinating Committee [membership list]

Integrated Access Council (IAC)

Joint Departmental Committee (JDC) [membership list]

LARS User Group

Library Executive Committee (LEC)

Library Management Council (LMC) [membership list]

Librarian Promotion Review Committee

Library Staff Association (LiSA)

Macro Express Group

Managerial Promotion Review Committee

Manuscript Cataloging Committee

NACO Coordinating Committee

ODAI Steering Committee

Portal Opportunities Group (POG)

Public Services Management Council (PSMC)

Reference and Research Education

SACO Coordinating Committee

Special Collections Committee

Staff Training and Organizational Development Committee (STOD)

Standing Committee on Professional Awareness (SCOPA)

Yale Digital Commons Steering Committee (YDC)

The Yale Library Standing Committees web site contains information provided by chairs of committees and members of LMC, based on a survey of Yale librarians, which was conducted jointly by SCOPA and the LMC in the spring of 1997. Ongoing maintenance of the site is the responsibility of LMC, Library Administration and committee chairs.