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Communications Committee (CC)

Reports to:
University Librarian and Library Management Council

The Microcosm Group, Library Management Council and University Librarian Alice Prochaska chartered the Communications Committee to support and promote open and two-way communication across the entire Library system. The Committee will address the following charges:

  • Determine goals and measures so we know we have progressed in our value of open and two-way communication
  • Consider content of information so communication is useful and thoughtful--get people's attention in more informed ways
  • Communicate both the means and process of improving communications
  • Advise on communications vehicles such as Library Links and Staff Intranet
  • Develop and implement feedback mechanisms

Frequency of Meetings:
Monthly and as needed.

Rebecca Martz
Jen Nolte
Paula Zyats
Amanda Patrick
Michael Colavolpe
Sharon Tarascio
Elizabeth Duenkel
Kathrine Aydelott
Michael Scott
Diane Turner (Sponsor)

Ex-Officio Members:
Diane Young Turner (Sponsor), Sharon Tarascio

Staff Resources:
Andrew Gray

Length of Service:
2 years

Appointed by University Librarian and Associate University Librarian for Human Resources, Staff Training and Security.

Selection of Chairman:

Term of Service of Chair:


Principal Areas of Activity:
Support and promotion of open and two-way communication across the entire Library system.

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Information Submitted By:
Andrew Gray

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