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Collection Development Council (CDC)

Reports to:
Associate University Librarian for Collections.


  1. The Council will be responsible for developing an agenda for regular large meetings of all selectors and for special programs and workshops to be held on collection development matters. They will also determine the content and operations of such meetings.
  2. Agenda items will be solicited from the large body of selectors. Representatives are free to call meetings of their constituent group to develop agenda items or to communicate directly with the individual selectors they represent to determine concerns.
  3. The Council will determine its own schedule and frequency of meetings, but monthly meetings will be the norm.

Frequency of Meetings:
Every other Thursday, 2:30-4:00.

Hannah Bennett, Cynthia Crooker, Daniel Dollar, Gwyneth Crowley, Jo-Anne Giamettei, Graziano Kratli, George Miles, Haruko Nakamura (chair), Audrey Novak, Ann Okerson (ex-officio), Susanne Roberts, Marcia Romanansky, Andrew Shimp, Martha Smalley, Paul Stuehrenberg, David Walls, Dorothy Woodson

Ex-Officio Members:
Associate University Librarian for Collections, Ann Okerson.

Term of Service of Members:

Length of Service:

Linked to job title.

Selection of Chairman:
Appointed by Associate University Librarian for Collections.

Term of Service of Chair:
2 calendar years.

Budget, CoDGer (Committee for Digital General Resources), Education and Training, Special Collections.

Principal Areas of Activity:
The whole arena of collection development and management.


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Ann Okerson

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