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Integrated Access Council (IAC)

Reports to:
AUL for Integrated Library Systems and Technical Services

The Integrated Access Council provides cross-functional leadership, coordination, and centralized communication to guide the review, revision, development and implementation of the Library's action plans for integrated access and meet the goals outlined by the Integrated Access Objectives Planning Group. The IAC will focus on strategic and development issues associated with Integrated Access and Integrated Systems. The IAC is sponsored by the AUL for Integrated Library Systems and Technical Services.

Frequency of Meetings:


  1. Dale Askey (RSC)
  2. Katie Bauer (Integrated Interfaces)
  3. Matthew Beacom (Cataloging)
  4. Meg Bellinger (AUL)
  5. Dan Chudnov (Medical Informatics)
  6. Ann Green (ITS)
  7. Katherine Haskins (Arts)
  8. Kenny Marone (Medical)
  9. Fred Martz (Systems)
  10. Jack Meyers (Admin)
  11. Kim Parker (e-Collections)
  12. Bobbie Pilette (Preservation)
  13. Frank Turner (Beinecke)
  14. Tom Saul (Acquisitions)
  15. Kalee Sprague (Systems)
  16. David Stern (Sciences)
  17. Joan Swanekamp (Cataloging)
  18. Rich Szary (Manuscripts and Archives)

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Principal Areas of Activity:
Automation and digital library initiatives.

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Fred Martz

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