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LiSA Events
The Library Staff Association organizes a number of social and charitable events throughout the year. Below are lists of ongoing and past LiSA events.

Ongoing LiSA Events

International Party (Spring)
Co-sponsored with YUL Diversity Council and Library Administrative Services. In the spring, LiSA cosponsors the YUL International Party with the YUL Diversity Council and Library Administrative Services. The International Party features music, a raffle, and most importantly foods from around the world and prepared by Library staff members.

Nooks & Crannies Tours (Throughout)
Nooks and Crannies Tours are designed to give all library staff an opportunity to see sights not often seen, hear stories not often told. They usually take place during the lunch hour and are offered as professional enrichment to all Library staff members. Release time for tours is available with supervisory approval. Please arrive fifteen minutes early so that the tour can begin on time.

Annual Food Drive (Spring or Fall)
The Library Staff Association holds a canned food drive at least once a year. In the past, the designated recipient has been The Connecticut Food Bank, the largest centralized source of donated emergency food in the state. Serving 450 agencies in Connecticut, such as soup kitchens and food pantries, the Food Bank provides food annually for an estimated 250,000 people in need.

Blood Drives (Throughout)
The Library Staff Association regularly holds blood drives for the Red Cross in concert with other University organizations such as Student Life @ the McDougal Center. The Red Cross relies entirely on volunteer blood donors to meet the transfusion needs of patients. The need for donated blood is constant, and the Library Staff Association is proud to assist the Red Cross in its life-saving efforts.

Finding out whether you are able to donate is the first step towards helping. LiSA encourages Library Staff interested in supplying blood to read the eligibility guidelines which the Red Cross has prepared.

Ice Cream Social (Summer)
Every summer, LiSA and Library Administrative Services organize an Ice Cream Social in the Selin Courtyard. Library Staff and their families are invited to enjoy a smorgasborg of Ice Cream from Ashley's.

Staff Art Exhibit (Summer)
Every year, the Library Staff Association (LiSA) sponsors an exhibit giving staff the opportunity to display their creative talent. Library Staff Exhibit has been improved to better reflect our various interests.

Holiday Party (December)
Every December LiSA organizes a Holiday Party for Library staff and their families. The Holiday Party features food, delectable desserts made by Library staff bakers, music, and a holiday raffle.

Holiday Raffle (December)
The Yale Library Staff Association Raffle is held each year at the Library's Holiday Party to raise money for Columbus House. One hundred percent of the proceeds are donated in the Yale Library's name. Keeping that goal at the forefront of our efforts, the Library Staff Association would like to gently remind library staff that the raffle is held in a sprit of generosity and outreach to New Haven's homeless population.

If you are a local merchant who would like to be a part of the Yale Holiday Raffle, please contact the current Chair of the Library Staff Association Committee. We are delighted to include all sorts of local businesses, and encourage you to contact the committee if not personally approached during the holiday season.

Current list of Holiday Raffle prizes.

Days of Caring Book Drive (Fall)
Every year, the LiSA Committee collects thousands of books from Library staff and visitors to be donated to New Haven Reads.  Book drops may be found at libraries around campus as well as 25 Science Park, 221 Whitney Avenue, the Hall of Graduate Studies, Office of International Students and Scholars, 246 Church Street, 300 George Street, the Office of Sustainability, and Yale Health at 55 Lock Street.

Past LiSA Events

  • Committee Fair (October 22, 2007) Co-sponsored by the Communications Committee.
  • Staff Field Day
  • Music in the Courtyard
  • Tsunami Relief Efforts – 2005
  • Orbis2fest - Sept. 13, 2002