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Library Staff Association

Library Staff Association
(Amended March 2004)

History: The Library Staff Association of the Yale University Library was established around 1967 to foster staff morale. Membership was then extended to the managerial staff in the summer of 1977. In 1984, with the clerical and technical staff represented by the Union, the Library Staff Association became the Managerial and Professional Staff Association (M&PSA). With increasing library-wide efforts, the summer of 2003 saw the re-integration of clerical and technical staff; the Council's name was formally changed back to the Library Staff Association (or LiSA).

Purpose: The purpose of the Association shall be to promote staff knowledge and development, morale, and staff relations by providing opportunities for greater interchange of information between Library staff members on topics of common interest. The Council shall also promote social relationships among staff members by welcoming new staff and organizing social and cultural events.

The Council shall promote goodwill in New Haven by sponsoring raffles and other events to benefit local charities. Every member of the Yale University Library is a member of LiSA and can volunteer to help with functions and can attend all LiSA sponsored events.

Membership: Every member of the staff of the Library is considered a member of the Association. Members are represented by council members who are chosen by staff.

Elections: Membership to the Council will be through the solicitation of volunteers or by recommendation and not via an election Volunteers' names, with supervisory approval, will be placed in a lottery. Volunteers will submit a form with their first and last names, department/library, and their C&T/M&P status. Volunteers may also be asked which of LiSA's activities they would like to help plan. May 30th will be the deadline for submitting the volunteer form. Recommendations must also be approved by the named individual and his/her supervisor. The names will be placed into two pools, one for staff situated in Sterling Memorial Library, and one for staff at all other library locations.

Council membership total will be thirteen (13); six (6) M&Ps, six (6) C&Ts, and one (1) ex-officio.

Each year three (3) new M&Ps and three (3) new C&Ts will replace outgoing members. Three members will be drawn from the first pool (SML volunteers). Three members will then be drawn from the second pool. Drawing from the second pool will continue until the outcome from both pools equals three (3) C&Ts and three (3) M&Ps. The remaining names in the volunteer pool will be used to fill vacant Council positions that occur outside of the normal May lottery season. All volunteers selected for Council will be asked to confirm their decision.

Officers: The Council of the Association shall consist of the following officers: a Chair, a Co-Chair/Chair Elect, and ten (10) Members at Large. One (1) representative from Library Administrative Services shall serve as an ex-officio member. A Secretary and a Web Master shall be chosen from the ten (10) Members-At-Large. All Council members shall serve for two years. The term for the offices of Chair, Co-Chair/Chair Elect and Secretary shall be for one year. The positions of secretary and web master can be extended for a second year if desired. The ex-officio will be appointed by the ranking officer for Library Human Resources.

At the first meeting, the chair will present an overview of LiSA's annual events and functions, and what is expected from the Council members.

At the second meeting of the term, the Chair shall call for nominations for Co-Chair/Chair Elect, Secretary, and Web Master. At this time the Chair will ask for event chairs to take the lead on LiSA's major functions. It is recommended that a Council member chair no more than two (2) events per term.

A quorum is required for this election. The Co-Chair/Chair Elect shall be chosen from the incoming membership. The Co-Chair/Chair Elect will become Chair the following year. In the event of the departure of a full member, a replacement from the same classification will be selected from the list of volunteers shall be asked to accept the responsibilities of a full member. The person chosen shall hold office until the end of the term of the member being replaced. Council members may not serve more than two consecutive two-year terms.

Duties of the Officers: The Chair shall establish an agenda for and lead all regular and special meetings. The Co-Chair/Chair Elect shall preside during the absence of the Chair. The Chair serves as a liaison with the Library Administration concerning budgetary and funding issues as they concern the activities and operations of LiSA. The Secretary shall keep minutes at all general and special meetings. The Secretary shall provide the Chair with the minutes of the meeting. It is then the Chair's responsibility to give them to the Web Master who will post them to the LiSA web site. The Web Master is responsible for making the meeting minutes available to the Library staff and for keeping all information on the web site current. Records of all Council business shall be kept with the Chair. Inactive archival records shall be transferred to the Yale University Archives.

Duties of Members-at-Large: Sub-committee event chairs for each of the major events that the Association sponsors shall be selected at least two (2) months prior to the date of proposed event. The sub-committee event chairs are responsible for leading the planning and coordinating efforts of the event, including getting support from the LiSA council members and the Library staff at large. All members are expected to serve as a chair, or co-chair, on a sub-committee.

Meetings: The Council shall hold general meetings twice a month. Terms of office begin on July 1. The Chair may call occasional ad hoc meetings to discuss important Council business.>

Activities: The Association shall sponsor several event, such as the Holiday Party (to be held in December), Field Day (to be held in the summer), the New Staff Reception, Nooks and Crannies Tours of area collections and historical sites, and blood drives, The New Staff Reception may be celebrated twice during the calendar year, depending on the number of new hires. The Council shall sponsor events to support the New Haven area beyond Yale; such efforts may include food drives, book drives, and fundraising for local charities and not-for-profit organizations. In addition, each summer, the Council shall host an event honoring incoming and departing members. The Council encourages suggestions from the membership for future events and other appropriate areas for investigation.

Communication: The Council shall maintain the Council's publicly available web site, to convey information about the Council's activities. The Chair shall be responsible for submitting an annual report of the Council's activities to the University Librarian and the Associate University Librarian for Human Resources, Staff Training, and Security.

Amendments: This Statement of Organization and Goals may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the Council, provided a notice of the section(s) to be amended has been submitted to the Council at least two weeks before the meeting. Amendments may be proposed by the Council.