Yale University Library


OHAM: Abdullah Ibrahim on Ellington


Abdullah Ibrahim

with Valerie Archer

New York, New York

August 7, 1979



Cassette Side a:                                                                                             pp. 1-13

Meeting Ellington through music--Ibrahim’s spriritual relationship with Allah--spiritual aspects of music--Duke as misunderstood--meeting Duke in Aarhus, Denmark--Duke’s metaphor of the lake--Ibrahim’s compoisitions--“Jubilani”--Ujama--live vs. recorded music--’64 Newport Jazz Festival--meeting Duke in Zurich--“Anatomy of a Murder” soundtrack--playing jazz in South Africa as an extension of Islamic beliefs--Duke’s popularity--the political situation in South Africa--musician’s role in South Africa.

Cassette Side b:                                                                                            pp. 13-21

Predestination vs. free will--music in a traditional African society--Duke’s Sacred Concerts--philosophical ideas about Ellington as a teacher.