Yale University Library


OHAM: Alvin Ailey on Ellington


Alvin Ailey

Talking with Harriett Milnes

New York, New York

September 7, 1983


Tape A:                                                                                                                                  p. 1

Musical training‑‑choosing pieces to choreograph‑‑"Reflections in D"‑ Ellington as a popular and serious composer‑‑"Liberian Suite"‑‑Lester Horton‑‑ improvisation in music and in dance‑‑"My People"‑‑Talley Beatty‑Ellington and dance‑‑"My Mother My Father"‑‑"The River"‑‑meeting Duke in Vancouver‑‑the comic ballet‑‑meeting Duke in Toronto‑‑spending a week with Duke‑‑working with Duke on "The River"‑‑"Ailey Celebrates Ellington"‑‑the Ellington Celebration‑‑"Sophisticated Ladies".

Tape B:                                                                                                                                  p. 22

"My People"‑‑Duke as director‑‑Beggar's Holiday"‑‑the rehearsal tapes‑Duke's death‑‑bringing back old musicians‑‑"The Mooche"‑‑transcribing Duke's music‑‑ "Three Black Kings"‑‑"The River"‑‑Duke's lifestyle‑"Night Creature"‑‑"Cotton Club"‑‑Talley Beatty‑‑Duke between sets.

Tape C:                                                                                                                                  p. 43

Evie‑‑Duke the showman‑‑drinking and drugs.