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OHAM: Helen and Carol Strayhorn on Ellington


Helen and Carol Strayhorn

with Harriett Milnes

Pittsburgh, PA

May 30, 1984


Side a:                                                                                                                        Pg. 1

discussing photos and newspaper articles about Strayhorn‑‑Westinghouse High School‑‑Erroll Garner‑‑more photos and news clippings‑‑nickname "Sweetpea"‑‑Strayhorn's introduction to Ellington‑‑more photos‑-nickname "Strays"‑‑newspaper article‑‑family's reaction to Strayhorn's success‑‑looking at Strayhorn souvenirs‑‑Helen's knowing Strayhorn in high school‑‑Strayhorn playing piano at Westinghouse High School‑-other Pittsburgh jazz musicians‑‑other interview possibilities‑-musicians in the family‑‑Strayhorn playing piano at parties‑‑Strayhorn's friends in New York‑‑visiting Strayhorn in New York.

Side b:                                                                                                                        Pg. 1

Strayhorn's participation in group of young intellectuals in New York in the '50s‑‑Strayhorn playing at parties‑‑playing with Erroll Garner‑-Greg Morris‑‑possibility of existence of Strayhorn piano concerto‑-Strayhorn's sister Georgia's account of last meeting with him‑‑Marion Logan‑‑Maria Cole‑‑post cards from Strayhorn‑‑Strayhorn's career plans changed by Duke Ellington‑‑Strayhorn visiting family in Pittsburgh‑-buying Christmas‑-presents‑‑Gerry Eisner‑‑Strayhorn's love of cooking‑-description of Strayhorn's New York apartment‑‑Strayhorn's friendship with Lena Horne‑‑Strayhorn's terminal illness‑‑travelling with Strayhorn‑-Helen's Christmas card‑‑Helen's meeting Ellington.

Side c:                                                                                                                        Pg. 27

Strayhorn's‑‑‑overnight guests, at their home‑‑phone call from Helsinki‑-writing arrangements for band‑‑previous interviewer from Hillsboro, N.C. Historical Society‑‑comments about photos‑‑Strayhorn's style of dressing‑-Strayhorn's New York apartment‑‑more comments about photos.