Yale University Library


OHAM: Dave Brubeck on Ellington


Dave Brubeck

with D. Friedheim

October 14, 1977


Side A:                                                                                                             Pages 3-16

The fifties--TIME magazine cover--Ellington’s congratulations on the TIME cover--train travel with Duke--Brubeck first meets Duke--Duke and Dave share a dressing room--Duke helps Brubeck--Duke’s musical influence on Brubeck--Thelonius Monk--Duke’s calm and control as a band leader--rock and roll--decline of jazz and classical music--Duke’s elusiveness--Duke’s extended pieces--Brubeck clarifies the influence of classical music--his study with Milhaud--the Duke with President Truman--Duke’s interest in colors--French and African influence on Duke--Duke’s ability to put together a band--Brubeck’s piece “Elemental”--about Milhaud--Milhaud praises Duke