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OHAM: Duke Ellington on Ellington


Duke Ellington                                                                                                         Acquisition

with unknown interviewer

The Konserthuset

Stockholm, Sweden

April 29, 1939


The real jazz and swing--definition of swing--comparing American and European jazz--serious music--Swedish swing--the Swedish polka and schottische--feelings about Sweden and Swedish people--Duke's fortieth birthday.

Duke Ellington                                                                                             500 d, e

with Jack Cullen                                                                                           Acquisition

Vancouver, British Columbia                                                       

October 30, 1963


Tape D:          [Includes recorded performance]

Lawrence Welk--early records--present members of band--"East St. Louis Toodle-Oo"--meaning of toodle-oo--"Creole Love Call"--Adelaide Hall--"Chocolate Kiddies"--writing for unique tonal characters--"Check and Doublecheck"--the band's style--the pseudonyms--"Three Little Words"--Sonny Greer--Bing Crosby--"Mood Indigo"--"Black and Tan Fantasy"--ASCAP and royalties--"St. Louis Blues"--"Sophisticated Lady"--Mike Parish--lyrics--"Mood Indigo" lyrics--"Murder at the Vanities"--"Cocktails for Two"--"Belle of the Nineties"--"My Old Flame"--"Solitude"-"In a Sentimental Mood"--the vocalists--Ivie Anderson--"All God's Children's Got Rhythm"--"I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart"--"The Lambeth Walk"--"Prelude to a Kiss"--"Concerto for Cootie"--Herb Jeffries--"Take the 'A' Train"--ASCAP-BMI war--"Jump for Joy"--Ivie Anderson--"I've Got It Bad and That Ain't Good"--"I Didn't Know About You"--"I'm Beginning to See the Light"--"Tonight I Shall Sleep"--Al Hibbler--"I'm Just a Lucky So-and-so"--1950's--Music Craft records.

Tape E:

Standard Transcriptions--"In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree"--the '40's and '50's--"Such Sweet Thunder." 

Duke Ellington                                                                                             Acquisition

with Michael Parkinson

London, England

from the BBC/TV show “The Parkinson Show”

February, 1973


[includes film clips, with Ellington band accompaniment]

                                                                                                                                    pp. 1-16

Introduction--”Mood Indigo”--working fifty-two weeks a year--traveling--the Rainbow Grill--drugs--”the primitive illiterate--Duke's calm--working with musicians--Paul Gonsalves--Sonny Greer--Lawrence Brown--hiring the musicians--the longevity of the band members--pay scale--problems with musicians--poker--knowing the musicians--musicians' memories--Duke's inspiration--”Sophisticated Lady”--”Mood Indigo”--”Solitude”--compositional environment--mental isolation--”Check and Doublecheck”--the Cotton Club--Prohibition--touring the theaters--gangsters--first tour of England--Royal Fans--”Cabin in the Sky”--”Things Ain't What They Used to Be”--the word “jazz”--categories--Duke's influences--the Sacred Concerts--the Russian tour--Billy Strayhorn--meeting Strayhorn--Billy's death--”The Afro-Eurasian Eclipse”--

[interview continues on second side of duplicate tape]                                  pp. 16-20

favorite period--playing in Kabul, Afghanistan--”Music is my Mistress”--painting signs--”Carolina Shout” by James P. Johnson's--civil rights movement--Duke's plans--”A Drum Is a Woman”--Ellington and his band play “Lotus Blossoms” and “Satin Doll”.

Duke Ellington

with Gilbert Seldes

Location unknown

April 5, 1958

                                    TABLE OF CONTENTS

Defining jazz--Swing--Jim Europe and his band--banjo--history of jazz--Drop Me Off in Harlem--Sophisticated Lady--Caravan.