Yale University Library


OHAM: Harold Ashby on Ellington


Harold Ashby

With Valerie Archer

New York, NY

March 13, 1980


Tape a:                                                                                                                                   P. 1

Ellington Fellowship concerts at Yale‑‑jazz on WYBC‑‑discuss the Oral History project‑‑Willie Ruff‑‑first meeting Duke‑‑Duke's calling him to play‑‑blues saxophonist‑‑the "My people Show”‑Jimmy Jones—-working with the other band members‑‑traveling with bands‑‑Ben Webster‑‑when and why he started playing sax‑‑leaving Kansas City‑‑touring with the band‑1968 Newport Jazz Festival‑‑Timex Show‑‑Mercer‑‑Duke's managing the band—doubling—school in Chicago—-playing all kinds of gigs‑“Sacred Concert"

Tape b:                                                                                                                                   P. 16

They look at some photos‑‑Third Sacred Concert‑‑Duke's cancer‑‑Duke's superstitions‑Third Sacred Concert‑‑dependability of band members‑gain of confidence while with Ellington‑‑talks about Duke‑‑Harry Carney.