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OHAM: Jaki Byard on Ellington



Ellington Project                                                          #509
Jaki Byard
with Valerie Archer
New England Conservatory
January 25, 1978



Ellington Fellowship Concert--Jazz bands at New England Conservatory--naming band "Stompers"--teaching at New England Conservatory--importance of the Big Band-- arranging for Big Band--music education--forming the Jazz Department at New England Conservatory--third stream--approach to teaching--background, education and family--early influences--getting started--influential Big Bands--first meeting Duke--trip to New Orleans--playing trombone in the Army band for USO shows--developing an interest in Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn's music--getting into playing after the Army--beginning with Ellington and playing electric piano--working with the band and observations--Ellington impact on the music world--commercial music and labeling--neccessity of making a living whether in music or other areas--playing with Maynard Ferguson--background in the sixties, playing with Mingus and Dolphy--discuss Valerie’s interest in jazz--Eric Dolphy.