Yale University Library


OHAM: Jerry Valburn on Ellington


Jerry Valburn

with Mark Tucker

Plainview, New York

October 9, 1986

March 19, 1987

                                    TABLE OF CONTENTS

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early years in New York‑‑fascination with Blues, dance bands‑‑Artie Shaw, first collecting interest‑‑radio dance band remotes‑‑Duke at The Hurricane‑‑Treasury Broadcasts‑‑first hearing Duke's band in person at the Windsor Theater‑‑stage show at Capitol Theater‑‑hearing Duke's recordings as high school student‑‑"Shout 'Em Aunt Tillie"‑-beginning to collect recordings‑‑decision to acquire complete

Ellington collection‑‑reason for lack of Ellington music on radio‑-first time hearing Ellington on radio‑‑Ellington on radio‑‑parents' musical tastes‑‑change of family name to Valburn‑‑father, broadcaster and newspaperman‑‑clarinet lessons‑‑getting information about bands‑‑Delaunay's Hot Discography‑-finding second‑hand records‑-Black and Tan Fantasy first recording heard‑‑Aasland's The Wax Works of Duke Ellington‑‑buying rare Ellington records from the Commodore Music Shop‑‑completeness and condition of his collection‑‑project of transferring to tape original recordings‑‑making collection available on cassette‑‑B.S.E. degree in Electronics‑‑education at George Washington High School and City College‑‑broadcasting‑‑recording band concert at Caravan Ballroom‑‑regret at not having Duke play at son's bar mitzvah‑‑Duke's band playing "Sweet Lorraine" for daughter‑‑recording cutters‑‑Randolph Fuller's recordings.

Side b:

card file for collection‑‑Shaw and Ellington collections‑‑taping broadcasts, recordings,transcriptions‑‑beginning to catalog Ellington collection‑-Charlie Parker and Duke in concert‑‑collecting recordings of live performances‑‑recording Duke at Museum of Modern Art and Columbia University--going to the Apollo in Harlem‑‑first impression of 1940 Ellington concert‑-recording Duke at Mineola Playhouse‑‑secret recording of Duke at Carnegie Hall‑‑recording Black, Brown and Beige‑‑phone calls from Duke‑‑first meeting with Duke and other band members‑‑Johnny Hodges‑‑on Today show with Duke‑‑anecdote about Duke and Molinari on plane‑‑reviving music‑-soprano sax‑‑collecting while in college‑‑hearing his voice while taping concert‑‑Aasland's book‑‑Blue Disc recordings‑‑acquring Blue Disc collection.

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Up-To‑Date and Blue Disc labels‑‑re‑issues‑‑alternate takes of recording session on different labels‑‑records produced by foreign countries‑-other collectors‑‑listing of artists at TLVA circuit‑‑collaboration with Benny Aasland‑‑Walter Allen‑‑Marshall Stearns‑‑George Hafer‑‑Warren Schell--Dan Mahoney‑‑Stanley Dance‑‑Benny Aasland‑‑Ulysses LaPradde‑‑acquiring Treasury Series recordings‑‑music clearance sheets from Treasury Series‑-receiving Treasury Series records at airport‑‑cancellation of book with Aasland‑‑Joe Weigel‑‑Aasland‑‑Charles Clavie‑‑Sjeff Hoefsmit‑‑Indian and Japanese collectors.

Side d:                                                                                                                        Pg. 61

collectors: Valachi, Clement, Klinger‑‑Massagli, Volonte.

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Dave Saucer‑‑Al Celley‑‑on the road with Duke‑‑Harry Carney‑‑late night talking with Duke‑‑East coast/mid‑West tour‑‑band members and salaries‑-Betty Roche‑‑personnel on tour‑‑sending tape to Duke in England‑‑Duke composing in car and hotel room‑‑The Wax Works‑‑gift of manuscript from Aasland‑‑Aasland's book as catalyst‑‑tape exchange with Aasland‑‑failure of book collaboration to materialize‑‑other Ellington collectors‑‑book by San Fillipo‑‑San Fillipo, Clavie, Hoefsmit, DeBroe‑‑start of first record company, Jazz Archives, in 1972‑‑beginning of Duke Ellington Society in 1959 in N.Y.‑‑Arthur Singer‑‑tapes of Duke Ellington Society meetings‑‑falling out with Duke Ellington Society‑‑recording Duke with Don Frye‑‑recording Afro‑Bossa Suite.


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recording Afro‑Bossa Suite‑‑Strayhorn credits‑‑other recording sessions‑‑recording Duke at Museum of Modern Art and Columbia University‑‑Jack Towers‑‑John R.T. Davies‑‑technique for scraping noise off tape‑‑history of involvement in recording projects‑‑the Meritt Record Society‑‑Ellington book in progress‑‑Timner's book‑‑supplement to his Ellington book‑‑other Ellington Societies‑‑Treasury Series‑‑band personnel during time of Treasury Series‑‑producing Treasury Series‑-Mercer and Danish Radio.

Side g:                                                                                                                        Pg. 39

Danish Radio holdings‑‑private recordings‑‑missing tapes‑‑personal tastes‑-digital cassettes‑‑change in sound of Ellington band after Hodges left‑-Carney, Nanton‑‑voices of band members recorded.