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OHAM: John Sanders on Ellington


John Sanders

Talking with Anthony Coleman

October 19, 1978


Tape A:                                                                                                                                  Pg. 1

Hired by Duke‑‑sitting in with the band‑‑meeting Juan Tizol and Harry Carney‑‑joining the band permanently in 1955‑‑leaving the band‑‑joining the priesthood‑‑Duke coming to his first Mass‑‑first memory of Duke's band‑‑the scrim‑‑"Azure"‑‑playing in the Navy band‑‑Lawrence Brown and "I Miss Your Kiss"‑-meeting Lawrence Brown‑‑playing valve trombone‑‑learning Juan's valve trombone‑‑"Orson"‑‑Duke's appreciation of each player's abilities and limitations‑‑doing copying and arranging‑-Duke and rehearsals‑‑recording sessions‑‑"Such Sweet Thunder"‑‑freedom of being in the band‑‑Duke as piano player‑‑Duke with the fans‑‑"Our Father" background for Mahalia Jackson‑‑the Sacred Concerts.

Tape B:                                                                                                                                  Pg. 22

Duke's religious side‑‑Duke as a person‑‑Harry Carney‑‑Johnny Hodges‑‑the Newport Jazz Festival‑‑using the men in the band‑-the trombone section‑‑Butter Jackson‑‑differences within the trombone section's sound‑‑using the scrim in a 1958 concert‑-Ivie Anderson‑‑"Rug Cutter"‑‑Sanders' background at Julliard‑-David Diamond‑‑playing with Lucky Thompson‑‑Duke's awareness of the contemporary music scene‑‑"Up and Down"‑‑"Such Sweet Thunder"‑‑"Madness in Great Ones