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OHAM: Juan and Rosebud Tizol on Ellington


Juan and Rosebud Tizol

With Brad Dechter

July 30, 1980

Los Angeles, California



Side a:                                                                                                            pp. 1-25

birth and early years in Puerto Rico--valve trombone--working with uncle, Manuel Tizol--coming to Washington, DC--playing in the. pit orchestra at the Howard Theatre--met Ellington at the Howard Theatre--Ellington arranges for him to work in a show with the Ziegfield Follies and then Tizol went to the Cotton Club after to play--problem playing in New York--joining the New York Union--leaving Ellington and joining Harry James--playing with Nelson Riddle, Nat Cole, Frank Sinatra--Sam Nanton--Lawrence Brown--relationship with Duke and the band members--Duke’s writing for his specific band members--Cootie Williams--John Hodges--Jimmy Hamilton--Nat Cole--Caravan and Perdido, songs by Tizol and Ellington--copying parts for Ellington--playing big concerts--annecdotes about the band--practical jokes--compositions--Rosebud’s friendship with Duke’s parents, traveling with them to hear the band--also traveling with Nat and Maria Cole--Juan’s working with Nat Cole--Maria Cole--story about playing at the Palladium--talks about Smithsonian interview--tune by Tizol but some question about arranger--Night Song--tunes written by Tizol that Ellington incorrectly is credited with.

Side b:                                                                                                            pp. 25-32

more on Ellington’s taking credit for tunes written totally by Tizol--hearing the band under Mercer--Cootie Williams--playing with Duke for the second time--socializing with Duke after leaving the band--band under Mercer--Cootie Williams--touring with Duke--pay for copying--Duke’s generosity--early morning visit--Brad’s big band--Brad talks about musical influences.