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OHAM: Louis Metcalf on Ellington


Louis Metcalf

with Jeremy Orgel


                                    TABLE OF CONTENTS

Tape a:                                                                                                                                   Pg. 1

Working with Duke‑‑Cotton Club‑‑first with Ellington‑‑differences in Henderson's and Ellington's bands‑‑Bubber Miley‑‑Clark Terry‑‑Harlem "jazz scene" in old days‑‑Jack Teagarden‑‑Charlie Barnet‑‑Duke's beginnings in NYC‑‑his own beginnings‑‑jamming and learning‑‑Duke's audition at Cotton Club‑‑audition inspiration for Duke to arrange‑‑Duke as a band leader‑‑reasons for leaving Duke‑‑Duke's being recognized as a talent‑‑Irving Mills‑‑Duke's transcribing of improvisational material‑‑trumpet section‑‑competition with other bands‑‑Johnny Hodges‑‑Harry Carney‑‑leads his own band‑‑collaborating on arrangements‑‑Sonny Greer‑‑relationships between band members‑‑New York City‑‑favorite tunes‑‑Duke's style‑‑other piano players‑‑Art Tatum.

Tape b:                                                                                                                                   Pg. 18

Johnny Hudgins dancing comedian‑‑benefits‑‑Mayor Walker‑‑Harlem, Cotton Club‑‑Ellington being known in black and white circles‑‑circuits‑‑desire to return to past‑‑Ellington movie; "Black and Tan Fantasy"‑‑his own recording work‑‑his first job at the Rhythm Club‑‑Sidney Bechet‑‑Johnny Hodges‑‑Barney Bigard‑‑Rudy Jackson‑‑Coleman Hawkins‑‑Louis Armstrong‑‑learning to play‑‑playing with big bands‑‑present performing situation‑‑Mills‑‑Ellington buying out contract from Mills.